Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Words from Elder Garrett Hollembeak in West Virginia

Hello! It was a great week here in Parkersburg, all the leaves are
changing and the weather has been great. We got to go to the temple
this Saturday with a group of recent converts and a few other members.
I love the temple and there is such a peace and good spirit there. We
were able to complete 75 baptisms and confirmations between the whole
group and the four missionaries from the ward got to got through an
endowment session. Afterwards we ate at Schmidts and it was even
better than I remember it. The work here is going well and we have a
great group of people to teach. Each week we have Bill and Rusty come
to church and my hope is that they will both be baptized before
December. We are working with our ward mission leader to send a letter
to all of our less active members in December explaining our love for
them and our hope for them to come back to activity. We're hoping to
reach the ones that don't answer they're door and the idea is that
they start that conversation in their home to come back to church.
We'll do something similar with our part member families about the
eternal role of families and encourage them to prayerfully consider
the commitment to make steps towards an eternal family. Another
miracle happened this morning. I got an email from a member in
Morgantown who is living in Utah now that talked to Kate Hicks, one of
my recent converts and said that she is considering coming back to
church. She says she still considers herself a Mormon and committed to
start reading the Book of Mormon again. This time last year Kate was
considering taking her name off the records and it is a testimony to
me that God does not lose His sheep and that He guides them back
perfectly in good time. I hope you guys have a great week and are safe
and healthy. I love you appreciate you so much and am so grateful for
you. Thank you.

Elder Garrett Hollembeak

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