Sunday, November 23, 2014

Words from Elder Chandon Herring in Washington DC

"I have a challenge for everyone reading this ok... SET GOALS FOR
YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!! You can not accomplish anything if you dont know what
you are trying to accomplish.  

Anyway... I found one of my new favorite
chapters in the Book of Mormon. Mormon 9. He justs lays down the law
on everyone that opposed this work for different reasons.

The Spanish Elders come down and get me and we go lifting in the morning now so
that is super nice too.

We had a solid week.
Tue... Lifted with the Spanish and then Elder Stevenson and I went
with E/Sis. Kendrick to teach the Hanes family. The Kendrick's are a
senior couple that are in charge of family history for half of the
mission. We took them to help us assess how to get all of the records
into the system. It was a great lesson but we learned that Peter, the
son, is not interested at all. He is only interested in us helping his
mother put in her records so he does not have to. So that was
disappointing but Lauretta is still great. She is too old to be
baptized though. She is unable to walk and has had a stroke, and all
sorts of jone. Then the Kendricks were super nice and treated us to
lunch at El Tio. It was super good and nice to eat in a Mexican
restaurant. I got a burrito enchilada style.

We Then watched GC with
annita and she loved it and then FHE. great lesson on Veterans Day.

Wed... Today was the mission tour. Elder Kacher who is the new member
of the 70 that spoke in the sunday afternoon session came. He is
amazing! Great speaker and very very smart. Knows the scriptures like
non other. long day though. We were there from 9am to 4:30pm and came
home then went straight to dinner and ward coordination. Good night.

Thurs... This morning was short and we were off into the cold to bike
to help the ZL at the interfaith counsel thing. It was really fun and
we had a blast folding letters. stuffing them into envelopes, and
sealing them. It was actually really competitive. We had weekly
planning and then a ward council meeting with Elder Kacher. It was
again, super good.

Fri... A Busy day. We spend a few hours redoing our map and going
through ward records and seeing who lives in our area. We found about
65 that were not on our map! WHAT!!! We investigated further and got
it down to 25 or so who had not moved or had their records removed. So
we have a lot of people to check on this week. We went out after and
just walked around talking. It is so fun talking to people. They are
so shocked that people are nice to them. I love it. But we found no
one that was interested but a few friendly famillies. It is hard now
at night because the sun sets at like 5. So by 6 or 7 everyone is in
bed or is ticked that we knocked on their door. irritating but quite

Sat... Exchange day. I love exchanges. I was with Elder Humphrey, our
DL, in his area. The North. We had a great day. We started by doing
service. We got a ride from JS to help go mow a sisters lawn. It was
so long! But we had a great time. That grass needed it bad. JS was so
funny. He was dead set on keeping the power cord off the ground for
some reason so he and we were getting tangled in it. Haha  

We went around their area and
we checked on people. No one was home and we did not get a single
lesson but we talked to a lot of people and now know that a few LA
still exist.

Sun... Today we had a great day. Sister Galloway came and she stayed
for the whole time again! Hurray! Then we had Ravens Baptism after
church. A good turnout too.  We came home and ate then were off to the
Why I Believe. Dennis and Mataya Pitta came and spoke. They did an
amazing job. They are great people. Tell Sister Gissel thanks for
helping with that. The spirit was so strong and the message was what
they needed to hear. We took Annita, her kids, Anjello and his mom,
Jasmine. They loved it and we are going to try to go back to the VC.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. I love you and I brag
about all of you all of the time. Thanks for the letters and love!"

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