Sunday, November 9, 2014

Words from Elder Kyle James in Germany

"Dear Familie,

This week was rather long... but rather great. I learned to have a really good perspective of life. There are only good days... and great days. No bad days. I will not have one. Everyday can be great when we have a good perspective.

Dienstag we had DDM. I won the transfer predictions again! 2 for 2! We also met with Sky. Wednesday was just a normal day of work.

Thursday was crazy. We met with Bruder Köster... and I told him that i am not very good at street contacting. And he told me to contact 50 people before Sunday. That is a crazy amount of people to contact. But I felt like i could do it. I prayed for the strength and Mut and i was blessed. I talked to 34 people that day. The Lord helped me give out 14 cards. And a Book of Mormon. He also helped me find a potential that we may meet with this week. What a blessing! I contact everyone now! I love it.

Friday... we had weekly planning and did some doors. Pretty funny. We were waiting for a bus... and a drunk guy called us zeugin jehovas. Then mormone. Then he walked in front of us... punched a street light... and said =respect= for no reason. hahahaha he also kicked the Haltestelle sign.

Saturday was transfer day. The other elders came over and we had breakfast together. Elder Bentely got transfered to Hanau and Ashton is training in Solingen. My comp and I are staying. Our transfer is only 5 weeks long. Next transfer is before Dezember. it is coming up.
We then went to a conferenz in Düsseldorf. Auf deutsch natürlich. I kann deutsch. SO kein Problem.

Sunday was interesting. We went to stake conference in Düsseldorf. It was good. After Stake C we were supposed to have interviews with Präsident Stoddard. But we had an appointment. So we left back to Solingen. When we got back to the Wohnung, we had call ins... and then we went to bed. Präsident Stoddard called us at 10.20. He wanted to meet with us in our Wohnung. So he talked to us... and then interviewed us. I love Präsident. He really helped me. He was very grateful that I was striving to be the best I could be. I told him that I dont want to be a missionary... but a servant of God. And that is what I will strive to be.

Well that is about it for this week. Of course I dont tell you guys everything. I need some frisch stories when I get home! I will probably tell a lot when we skype.

I am so glad that I get to stay! I love it here!

I figured out the secret to missionary work. It takes 3 things.

HARD work.

Everyday I will earn my pillow.

And at the end of my mission... I will look out of the airplane window... knowing that I gave it my all. Knowing that I did my best.I will not be a missionary... I will be an instrument in the hands of God.

I have a good spiritual thought that i feel like i should share. One that I need to work on. There Is a scripture that says that we should worry about our own sins and shortcomings before we judge others about theirs. Everyone has problems. So instead of pointing fingers and placing blame... we should love them. When people go through hard times... be their hero. Help them. Love them. We all know someone that needs help. Help them. Love them. Lead them back to the Savior.
But like the scripture says... dont be hypocrites. Dont judge someone for a big sin... when we do little sins. It is still a sin. Sins are sins... big or small. Just love them.

Sorry for my chopping wording. I cant think right english anymore. Like... I can... but it takes too much time to do stuff right. And time is a precious thing. haha

I love you guys. Everything sounds great. Thank you for the letters! Congratulate Dayton for me. That is way cool."

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