Sunday, November 9, 2014

Words from Elder Garrett Davis in Thailand

"Bangkok Baby:)
so the big thing that happened this week was transfer meeting and it turns out i am now serving in west bangkok in an area called Bangkae it is completely different than my last area is should be pretty fun to serve here the members are awesome and there are a lot here:) but its awesome we had sports day saturday night and i got to met some of the members and then i had spaghetti sunday night which is amazing:) so we were inviting the other day when i spotted this gaint lizard in the boat across the river and the tire in the back round is an actually size:) and the other picture is a picture of the guy in my last area he is our unit leader and he is a boss i like him he is walking around and picking peppers and leaves he can eat later haha he makes me laugh and he is just a straight up cave man/survivalist:) but sorry short email love you all:)"
Elder Davis:)

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