Sunday, November 23, 2014

Words from Elder Chandon Herring in Washington DC

Hello my family and friends! How are you all doing? Good, good. Thank
you all for writing me I love getting your letters and hearing all
about what is going on in your life. I love you all and I am so happy
to call you family. so Kort is home now... WHAT?!?! When is Rex due?
He has about 6-7 months left right? Or is it less than that. I am so
pumped that they both served and are serving so valiantly and so well.

Ok so life is good. Elder Stevenson and I are doing well and we are
teaching better. We are both trying to get better at talking to
everyone. We pass so many a day as we are biking to an appointment and
we dont stop. We need to plan more travel time so we can stop and
talk. It is almost never fruitful but it shows the Lord that we are
willing to work and he will bless us accordingly.
Tue... Today we got two super awesome new investigators. Their names
are Lauretta (88) and Peter her son (50's) Hanes. They are super cool!
They are internationally known for their work on helping children and
black studies. They are editors and Lauretta has handled over
3,000,000 dollars in books for children. They are both direct
decedents of George Washington's slaves as well. They know a lot of
their family history but it is all on paper. They know that the
mormons are good at that so they want our help and they want to
understand our beliefs. We can help with that! Also Lauretta was
featured in the Smithsonian museums for many years on many different
exhibits and she has china from George Washington's home.  So we will
be working with them for the next long time.

Annita has been stuggling
a lot with punctuality lately as well. We were supposed to meet with
her at 5 at the church and she did not show until 7:15. so we just did
FHE and not the General Conference. The lesson was on how we need to
Seek, Feel, and follow the spirit. I really enjoyed it. We all need to
rely on this precious gift a lot more than we currently do.
Wed... We had our Zone training. It was really really good. We had
amazing workshops on the faith to find. We need to have faith that we
will even be able to find. If we do not and are just going through the
motions nothing comes from it. There was an amazing quote, "No effort
is wasted." We are noticed everywhere. Came home and turned around to
go to ward coordination. We had a great meeting with a lot of baptisms
in our ward coming up. Then walking home that night an investigator
for the North Elders who is a cab driver that lives in our same
apartment building stopped and gave us a free ride home. So I have
officially gotten a ride in a taxi. ha!
Thurs... Not much exciting mission wise. We had weekly planning and
dinner with the French Elders. We contacted and on the way home i was
able to meet a guy named Ben on the bus. (our mission is pushing using
public transit to contact.) He is from the Philippines and was super
kind. He loves Christ and is trying so hard.. We are going to try to
meet with him again. He was great. That is one thing we see a lot
here. People have an amazing testimony and conviction that Christ is
our Savior more so than some members i know but they just do not have
the whole truth. They do not understand the blessings that they are
not able to receive yet. So I love getting to share our message with
fri... We had not appointments so we were just walking around checking
on members and contacting. A Random guy walked up and yelled, "group
hug!" Then after a really weird hug walked away saying that was all he
had. and he did not want our message or a pass a long card. Really
random but funny. We had no luck at all until we decided to head home
for lunch. We met a guy named Ray. He was the most deep and sincere
guy ever. He was a lawyer so that might be why. But he asked super
good questions and he is very interested on what we believe and how
"our God" could help him. We basically taught him the restoration
right there. It was really good and we are going to try to meet with
him. He is willing and is going to read the BOM that we left with him.
Then after lunch we had two appointments that fell through but we got
cinnamon rolls out of one. Met another super cool lady on the bus at
night after contacting ad heading home. Her name was Something black
and hard to say. But she was trying so hard to find a job and Christ.
She was so kind and she is going to try to meet with us. She does not
have a phone now because she is displaced but she is going to try to
come to church to meet our employment specialists. She is great.
Sat... Ok today we were able to meet with Sister Luna again. She has
been super sick and she fell so she is not well. But she said it was
ok to come and we gave her a blessing She is such a sweet lady. She
made great juice as always. Then we met Bro Belemu.. He is still weak
and is not looking so good.. He probably will not come to church again
until summer because it is super hard to move as is then the cold just
makes it worse. Poor guy. We had a great meeting with Sister Galloway
though. She is going through a lot of things with family and then
work. She loved the lesson. We listened to Like a Broken Vessel by
ELder Holland because that addresses a lot of the problems that she is
stressed about. She also came to church on Sunday and she stayed for
the baptism after!
Sun... Amazing day! My first baptism of someone I know! The Tobin
girls in the North Area. Their names are Raven, Rayshel, and Rayna.
They are so fun! Raven is being baptized next week because she did not
want to be baptized the same day as her sisters for some reason. But
she is still being baptized so that is good. It was a great service
and commical. Neither of them bent their legs and the water was
shallow so it was a struggle. But fun to watch. After that was a Munch
and Mingle with a chili theme. It was really good!!!!!  We, right after,
had to head to the VC for  E Stevenson to record people for his
Christmas cartoon. He is making a movie. While I waited I was able to
talk to JS Armstrong. He cracks me up and is super funny! He is 67 and
cannot forget anything. He was telling me about some elders who are
from AZ that served here in the 90's, their birthdays, families names,
wifes names, number of kids, then he told me all about Aunt annas
mission President who he know from when he was a boy. They were not
even in the same ward but JS told me where he served, him brothers
name and where he served, and he just has the best memory so make sure
you do good things to him because he will always remember. If you tell
him your birthday he will tell you exactly what happened that day
world wide and his life personally. The mission has nicknamed him John
the Beloved. Then I got to meet some sisters. ;) haha jk i did get to
meet them but it was as friends and we gave one a blessing. Then we
had the Night of Music and Inspiration. It was soooooo good! You need
to stop reading this right after this sentence and go on Youtube and
watch BYU Vocal point sing Nearer my God to thee. The Elders here are
supper talented and they sang it. Then Elder Peterson who is the best
male singer in the mission is seems sang Savior Redeemer of my Soul.
SO INCREDIBLE!!!!!!  So ya a great day.

Thank you family for being awesome! I love you all and I know that the
church is true. I said that all the time before my mission as a sort
of Cliché phrase but it really is and it is seriously the best ever!
So my new saying is this, "The church is true, dont do drugs, do your
family history, and help the missionaries."

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