Sunday, November 9, 2014

Words from Elder Eli Frazier in Peru

"Hey all! what an awesome week! My best one yet! Had my first baptism! And it has a great story hahaha
Well first his name is Luis and is 13 and has a sister we baptized too and she is 10. Their parents are less actives that we rescued and so now theyre working towards the temple! 
But heres the story, Yulitza (the girl) was baptized first, and she got out and then Luis was getting in and he slipped and fell face first into the water! It was so funny! And even more funny if you knew what kind of character he is. He was swimming there for a scend till he finally stood up hahahah it was great:) and also i went into the water with our phone in my pocket! Such a rookie! but it works again now so its all good.
Luis is deaf and mute but the spirit talks to everybody the same, and i learned to realize this throughtout this experience. The spirit i felt was crazy strong. The water was very cold and when i started the prayer to baptize him my whole body heated up and i couldnt feel any cold at all. It was awesome. These are the kind of experiences that i am looking for and that keeps you going! I love it! Till next week!"

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