Sunday, December 13, 2015

Words from Elder Chandon Herring in Washington DC

Well it is that time of year. The music is playing, people are smiling, good deads are beginning to be done. It overall is a glorious time of year. It is especially nice now being a missionary because we get to talk to more receptive people! Woo Hoo!!

Tuesday... So today was a good day we did an exchange with the Suitland zone leaders. I went with Elder Fisher to Anacostia. I was with them for about three hours. And it was a lot of fun. We contacted some very interesting people and checked on some. It was good to see some people that I had taught before. Some of which had not progressed very well since I had been gone. Some have even been forgotten sadly.  We met with the ward mission leader. He's a
new man who's moved into the ward since I've been gone. He is a very very on top of it kind of person. He is in charge of all of the security for all of the embassies in the Americas. We met and discussed what their training would be on in church that next Sunday.  Following that we went to dinner with the Melborn family. It was a lot of fun because I remember the first night Elder Tilby and I found them. They've been doing exceptionally well and are continuing to stay
strong in the church. Our exchange ended pretty late so I ended up just staying the night in the Anacostia apartment. I even got to sleep in my own bed. Well my old one that is. Elder Fisher and I broke a rule though we were up until 1 o'clock in the morning talking. I was super tired but it was good to talk.

Wednesday... Today we spent a good chunk of time getting some of the Cooke's Christmas stuff in order but multitasking and still doing lots of good missionary work. We then went to the office for our regular meetings and looked at transfers. It went well and we got a decent amount done. Sadly Elder Ord is wanting to be done this transfer.
After we got done, with the meeting that is, we went with President to the metro to get our contacts for the day. It was a lot of fun and it's good seeing president get out and do it.

Thursday... Thanksgiving! Today was an awesome day. We began the day with our ward turkey bowl. I have to say I didn't do too bad. I was the center most of the time but I was able to catch a touchdown pass laid out a couple people and caught a pass and ran it in for a touchdown. I look like a tight end! One of the times that I was running in for the touchdown a member of the ward grabbed on to me and as he was holding on I drug him for 10 yards. It was fun. We
then went home and cleaned up then drove to Elder and Sister Kelly's house. We sent a picture to mom after we had eaten. It was a ton of fun and we had a really good talk. They shared some of the sacrifices they make to serve a mission. I was shocked at how much seniors do and I am very grateful to be serving with them! We were at their house for about three hours and helped them make and clean up the food. We then went to our second appointment. We went to the Pratt house and they are the most kind family. Brother Pratt looks like Yoda. We had a lot of fun talking to them!

Friday... Today we spent lots of time doing admin stuff. We planned a lot of things to help get referrals contacted sooner for the upcoming festival of lights but the highlight of the day was when we went out to do a metro contacting. I was told I was hot and I was given two hugs. Woo hoo! I still got it even after year and a half on a mission! lol  We were able to talk to some really cool people. There are a lot of people who really are looking for the truth but they know
not where to find it. I'm glad that I'm able to be here and share with them what we know!

Saturday... Today was awesome! We went on an exchange with the Laurel missionaries. They're both really young in the mission and both are very hard-working. I went with Elder Carol, so yes I thought about grandma (Carol) the whole time, and we were out and about contacting and checking on people. As we knocked on a door the lady that answered was
about our age she didn't seem particularly interested in anything but we invited her to listen to a brief 20 minute lesson on her porch. She agreed and she began to seem fairly interested in what we had to say.  we had a prayer and we were teaching well and then her mom came. Her mom arrived from getting groceries And was not particularly fond of us
being there. She came in with some simple questions but then went about to bash us. I have to say I'm very proud of myself for not doing it back.  When I was with Elder Humphrey he taught me how to do so :-)   I was a good boy and we shared our testimonies and left with a prayer then started to leave but as we were walking away we both turned and offered service and ended up getting a return appointment to meet with her and her family to read The Christmas story out of Luke chapter 2. It's one of my favorites and it's a great opportunity to get into her home. We ended on a much better note than we could have. I'm so grateful for the power and the spirit a testimony brings and that we were able to do as Christ would do.

Sunday... The Sundays are numbered that will still have Bishop Baird.  Right now he is the stake president and the bishop. So the members are lucky if they get him for their temple recommend interview it's only one interview ;)  We met and had a great church meeting and the apostasy began in the church when we rolled out the elders meal calendar in our ward for the first time in a very long time, haha.  Like it's never been rolled out since we've been there. We then went contacting and we met some really interesting people. I was able to go and talk to some Jehovah's Witnesses. They were very polite and it was a good opportunity to leave a good impression. Afterwards we hustled over to a baptism and then dinner with the Cooke's it really was a good ending to the day. As we were driving home Elder Ord pointed out that president didn't get his contacts for the day. So we went to the metro stop to finish for him. On our way there we got for contacts at red lights talking to people as they drove by. It's a lot of fun to do that and it kind of throws them for a loop.

So as you can see like continues to go well here in Washington DC!  Just so you know I'm sitting at our table eating chips and salsa, casa manana salsa, and some eggnog. It's been a rainy day and it's a wonderful little treat! I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!

-Elder Herring

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