Sunday, December 13, 2015

Words from Elder McKell Bradshaw in Scotland

Hey Everyone! Hope all is well back in good ole SJ, (unless you're not in SJ...) It's been a great week here in the great country of Scotland!! Feels like the fruits of our labors here, are beginning to show!! FINALLY! Haha, just kidding! We've had a lot of success here! But we found this girl named Vivian, who is awesome! Someone can say "GOLDEN!" Then we got a call one day at seriously 3 in the morning from a guy, who was a former investigator that me and my trainer had to drop because he never showed up to appointments, calling us saying that he needed help! He wants to be a better person all around! (He's a recovering alcoholic) So we met up with him later that day, and really explained how this gospel is going to bless his life through the Atonement! It was really an awesome lesson! So I can definitely say that we were blessed AMAZINGLY this week! Anyway, we've got a good week planned, and it should be awesome! Anyway, love you all! Hope your week is fantastic!

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