Sunday, December 13, 2015

Words from Elder Garrett Davis in Thailand

well i survived the first full week with all the monkeys:) well this week started off well and we started off by going and visited the zoo and just kind of getting to know the area and had a family home eveing for a sister who is leaving on her mission to England and tuesday was good we had a couple meetings and had the chance to go to big c and invite and get a frew new investigators  and also got to teach english class which went well but we sure have a lot less people than chiang mai but thats alright wednesday went well we met with a recent convert also had book of mormon class and that went well got to become familair with the members too thurday we had long plan and got a little more familair with what is in lopburi and whats in it friday we had cordination meeting and got to know the area more by that i mean invite:) haha but its good inviting gives us the chance to get to knwo the area and people and invited saturday was fun we had the chance to meet with the youth and have sports night and after that we had a baptism of sister แดง who is great and very nice lady:) sunday cam around and we had church also had the chance to talk to some members friends that they brough to church members rock:)! and then we had a chance to meet witha less active who has been gone for a while about 2 years and it was great:) she is trying to get work off for sundays but overall we had a good week we invited a lot but it was well worth in the  members really helped us out! i am looking forward to the coming week i wish everyone the best of luck:) Love you guys 
Love Elder DAvis:)

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