Sunday, December 13, 2015

Words from Elder Samuel Isaacson in Argentina

this week hasnt been to crazy and nothing to funny happened to us! but ill see if i can get a letter writen long enough to please the unpleasable! haha

well we really are the reyes de vera!!! we avraged almst 3 lessons a day! we were 1 lesson from meeting the weekly goal for lessons for the whole mission!! we had 20 lessons and the goal is 21!! so fetching close!! we would of made it but all our plans yesturday fell through!!! we only needed 2 lessons we only got one!! sundays and pdays are tough cause we only get half the work time!!  but its okayt just means we have to work harder thoughout the week to get there!!  we will get the 21 lessons!!

we went back to that drunk guy that kissed us on the hands and was just being drunk!! allot of the same stuff happened!! we were sad he didnt kiss on the hands!! he kept saying he was a god and that stuff!! he started meowing like a cat!! haha but we tried to bring the spirit and teach a lesson!!

we talked to a guy the was the guitar player for the church!! haha but he was just saying a bunch of stupid stuff!! he said he was a member of the church! so we asked if he knew about joseph smith then he was like that guy is a sinner! but when we said he was a prophet of god he shut up!! haha people are stupid! he didnt know how to read but then he tried to quote scriptures in the bible!! cause what his pasture said is the strat truth!! 

well i take the role after my brother jake and dont like my birthday! so on thursday i was kinda grumoy all morning! people werent understanding what i was saying so i was getting mad and pissed at my self!! but then i remembered that being here on the mission is about me speaking spanish isnt about my happiness its about the peoples happiness around me so i tried in the next lesson to focuse on trying to help the person and not my spanish not me feeling the spirit but on them feeling the spirit and understanding of the teaching of the gosple!! and it was a good lesson! my spanish still was not very good i didnt teach or say what i should of probably said! but i was focused on them not me and after the lesson i was in a better mood!! so i learned that when you focuse on the outward and look at what you can do instead of seeing what can be done for you you can and will be happier!!

our investigators are doing good! ramon still has a problem with his smoking! he lives with people that are alwas smoking so its hard to quit!!! victor is doing good but having some family problems right now! his wife is a member and when we share somthing with her she acts like she already knows it all and doesnt need to learn anything!!! witch is wrong everyone is always learning!! thomas s. monson studies and learns somthing different everyday!!! so we can always be learning!!

elder grover and i are doing good loving vera and loving being busy!!!

i love you all!! thanks for your support!!

love elder isaacson!!!

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