Sunday, December 13, 2015

Words from Elder Riley Raban in El Salvador

Yeah we found out last night and this is the reason that I am writing you today. Every change we have p day the day before changes so people can pack their things and not waste any days. My comp is having changes. He is leaving the area and I am staying. I am finally done with training and am way nervous about having to have a new comapanion and showing him all of the members and investigators and stuff. Its crazy because I most likely will have a comp that only speaks spanish so I better enjoy English while I can. Stuff has been going well we have found some new people and the are pretty postive. We are going to find out who my comp is tomorrow and it is going to be exciteing! Tomorrow we have to go to santa Ana and have the Changes Meeting. I am excited and nervous but at least it is good to be out of training! that is all i have time for! hope all is going well!!

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