Sunday, December 13, 2015

Words from Elder Riley Raban in El Salvador

Hello everyone! Sorry that it has taken me to send these group emails. I cant believe that I have been out three months already! It goes by fast! This week we worked with a bunch of new investigators and inactives. We only had one investigator show up to church but the good news is all of the inactives we visited showed up! which is awesome! because there are so many churches here a lot of members will get tired of traveling every sunday and just go to the church next to there house. But we had a ton of people in church today. I felt way good. The churches here are so scary! we were walking to one and there was we walked by that a pastor speaking in tongues and touching people on the forehead and they were all laying on the floor everywhere. It was so creepy! I have seen all different kinds of crazy churches around here! We have found a lot of new people to teach. They are really positive. even though every person has there own version of crazy here, it is amazing to see the Holy Ghost work differently with each person. Its awesome to be able to see people begin to change and want to do what is right. Whether it is an investigator or an inactive that has lost there way. All is good here and thank you all for the prayers and everything else!

Elder Raban

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