Sunday, December 13, 2015

Words from Sister Hannah Platt in Honduras

My dearest friends and family,
So many wonderful things have happened this week. First off,i just want to tell you all about our miracle investigator! Her name is Dominica and lives in very poor circumstances. She is 64 and has an infecction on her leg that is just terrible which makes it super hard for her to walk. We found her in our area book and i can´t tell you how wonderful it has been to be working with her. The other day, we invited her to church and she said she wasn´t sure if she could go and then she iddin´t answer our phone calls so we figured taht was a no. So on Sunday, we were in our gospel pricipals class when all the suden, she walks in! I was just amazed to see her! We went right over and talked to her and it turned out that she had walked the entire way to be able to come. She lives super far from the church! But she walked and with her bad leg. I am just soo stunned by the faith that she has! She can´t read, but has her daughter read the BOM to her. She was drinking coffee, but when we taught her the word of wisdom she asked us to help her stop. We bought her avena (oatmeal) and since she has had that, she has stopped drinking coffee completely. She has decided that she wants to be baptized the 26th of December. I  can´t even begin to describe the miracle she is for me. and such an example of true faith!! Another miracle this week was that we found a new family to teach! And they are soo wonderful! It is a mom and dad and three daughters. The daughters speak English adn thats actually why they let us in the house. It was such a great lesson, and the mom just cried and cried as soon as we sat down. She told us that she knew we had been sent to her taht day. it was such a sweet and tender mercy and such a miracle.
Well, i just loved the Christmas devotional last night! Elder Bednars talk sooo touched me and really made me reflect in Christ. He truly is the light of this world. And i thought of my life. Many times, i have been in darkness. I am for sure not perfect and have made a lot of mistakes. Many times, i have felt that darkness has closed in on my life and that i couldn´t escape. We feel that way a lot in our lives. But, when we accept Christ and His atonement, we accept the light. And it makes all the difference! I know that is true with my whole heart! I have let Christ in. I have let His atonement change me. And i have seen as others have accepted the light as well here in Honduras and in my own family and i know that He is the Light. Repentence is possible and forgiveness is real. We have such a wonderful opportunity this time of year to reflect on our dear Lord and King and to accept His light and to help others accept it as well. I know that He lives. I testify of Him. I love Him.
I sure love all of you. I am soo grateful for all that you have done for me. This misison is incredible. It is very hard, but each day, i can feel the Savior carrying me, helping me, and making me better. Have such an incredible week!!
hermana Platt

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