Sunday, December 13, 2015

Words from Elder Samuel Isaacson in Argentina

my week has been good. nothing really exciting but good all the same!

last tuesday was good taught a couple lessons. i think 3 that day to new people!! that is matching my personal record in vera!! so we were excited about that!! the people we taught were cool and they listened to me stumble through the first lesson and laughed when i second guessed myself on a word!! haha  but after their  laughs they helped me!! haha

we went to a members house to ask one of them to give a talk and i relized that familys here are just like families in the states!! haha they have someofthe same jokes!! it made me laugh!! its funner be able talk stumble through sentances with members and watch them try to figure out what i am saying!! haha then they laugh when i try to figure out what they say to me!! haha!!

on wed. we beat my personal best for lessons and got 4!!!! we were super excited about that!! we got 4 on thursday too!! so we are doing goodin the new bigger area!!! i thought having the new area we be a lot more work and walking!! but it is a lot of walking but its not as bad as i thought!! its actually fun because we see different people everyday we arent saying hola to the same people everyday!! 

on friday i think we only had 2 lessons but it is better then none!! our investigator ramon is doing good he has to quit smoking!! he didnt smoke yesturday so if he doesnt smoke all week he can be baptized this saturday!!! so we are praying hard for him!! he can do it!! he is awesome!! we had to kill some old investigators because they wouldnt talk to us!! but we are finding new people everyday!! 
one of our ''old'' investigators we went to her house like every other day and she was never home! her family said yeah come this time she will be here!! we finally asked when is she ever home!! her daught said she goes to work at 7 and doesnt come home until 11!!! i believe their is people that work that much but not here in argentina!! 

on saturday we were walking and my comp has trained me to keep my eyes pilled for things on the ground like marbles or old coins!! i havent found many marbles but i have found a 100 peso coin from like 1978 and a 50 peso coins from the same year!! between the both of us we have found over 300 peso coins on the ground!!! im getting rich!! thats like 30 dolars!!!

sunday we wentto church then right after church we had to stay in our pencion all the rest of the day!! so we didnt get to go look for coins!!! i mean people to teach!!
but after study at 4:30 we went to take a sunday nap!! we slept until 8:30 then we fried some oreos and messed around until like 10:45 cause we had some much energey!!  haha

today we went to reconquista for our P-day to do a zone activity!! its been fun we played vollyball and futball and i only hit the ball over they fence 3 times!!! haha

thats my week so far!! so yeah pretty lame!!

thanks for everything!! i love you all!!!

love elder isaacson!!

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