Sunday, December 13, 2015

Words from Elder Levi Crosby in Tennessee

Hello people! How are y'all??:) I'm sure you all are good and chubby
after this thanksgiving! Haha I sure am:) my thanksgiving was pretty
good. It started off with a turkey-bowl.. That was pretty fun. Then we
ate our first dinner! I had deep fried turkey and man that's the
stuff! It was bomb. Then we had a second dinner and thats where I
loaded up on the desserts! Yeah I gained a few pounds. Lol but this
week was just a great week!

This last Saturday I had a few baptisms... My first one was in my last
area in Bowling Green, KY and that was awesome! I Skyped in on that. I
was so exited to hear that the lady I was teaching for 4.5 months
finally quit smoking and was baptized! That made my week. Then Elder
Brown and I had a baptism with our newer investigator! He is just
awesome! He is the guy that quit chewing tobacco in like 2 days! It
was legit. So this week was full of miracles! I am truly blessed:)

The coolest thing I got to do this week was perform a confirmation in
sacrament meeting.. I was pretty nervous at first about not screwing
up the words but the spirit helped me out. It was just so awesome to
see someone progress in the gospel and be a better person. And I am
thankful for the privilege I have to help these people do that! The
mission has been a blessing:) so far.... Haha just kidding!

So transfers is happening this week and I am staying here in
Winchester for 6 more weeks with Elder Brown:) I am pretty happy about
that. We are moving into a different apartment so I will have to send
out a new address to y'all for mail and stuff:) anyways I hope you
have a good week and are all recovered from your food coma's! Ha love
you all and thanks for all that you do:)

- Elder Levi Crosby

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