Sunday, December 13, 2015

Words from Elder Kyle James in Germany

Liebe Familie,

Guten Tag meine lieben! Ich freue mich euch zu schreiben!

This week has been great, stressful, and extremely fulfilling. I
really love being here. AHHH it's almost the end! It's crazy! I don't
want to go home! Haha

Well on Monday, Elder Vorimo and I went and ate döner and looked for a
scarf for a family. We also went to the church and played piano. I can
played Silent Night, the German one, and Praise to the Man, pretty
well. Naja! We then played Sorry with Bruder Döschner.

On Tuesday, we kept ourselves busy, meeting with Sagbo, Henschl and Sandra.
I really can't remember what else we did... But that's fine:)  haha

On Wednesday, I was on a split with Vorimo. We had ddm and I had a
theme about how much time we have left. It scared me! Haha Elder
Anderson and Draper went on appointments for us, while I went with
Vorimo. We met with their old investigator, Juliet. She is a refugee
with her boyfriend and her baby God's Power. Yup. His name is God's
Power. Funny stuff. The whole day was
fun. Haha God's Power almost fell off of the bed. Haha

Thursday was a busy day, I went to a less active family with Vorimo.
His name is brother Roth. He is a big guy, but very nice. His wife is
from Eastern Europe. She speaks like no German. She pointed to a
picture of Christ saying "my only love".... She is losing it because
she is old... But, she cooks well. They were great. After that, we went
back by on Juliet, but she was just leaving, so we ran to the train
with her. Great day!

Friday was crazy. We were having comp study, when we get a call from a
random number.

"Hello, my name is Lucky, and I want to be a member of the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Can we meet?

Me: "........................ YEAH! We will come on Sunday"

"I heard a lot of good things from your church. I can't wait to meet"

Hahahahaha well, that how we find investigators here!

We weekly planned and rearranged our apartment. Then we had a lesson
with Sagbo, while Vorimo and Draper taught Henschl. Sagbo was a great
lesson. We called the sisters in Saarbrücken, Mainly for sister
Pettit, so that she could teach the lesson in French. It was awesome!
Sagbo is a great dude with great questions.

On Saturday, we did an awesome service project for the sweetest lady
in the world, Sister Pely. We helped her husband load an entire barn
loft full of wood. I can tell you, I am SO SORE! My body hates me
today. I can barely walk! We had to have moved 3 tons of wood. I was
the thrower, throwing logs to Anderson. One log missed and destroyed a
solar panel on his moped. He was sour! Haha yelled at us. Oh well. We
helped him with he wood so it was fair. She made us an awesome
Hungarian goulash. It was incredible. She also played Christmas music.
After that we went home and did studies. Then we hustled over to the
Christmas market to watch Santa fly across the market. It was
incredible. I'll send a picture. German Christmas markets are
incredible!! I'm gonna miss them so much!

Sunday was stressful. It was Sister Henschls confirmation day, so we
rode with her on the trains. But... We didn't make it on time for her
confirmation. So we did it in the bishops office. It was good. It was
way stressful though! Gee. But Sister Church, an American, went to New
York and brought us back American goodies! I wanted pop tarts haha
they were awesome! I love the churches. After church, we went down to
Baden Baden, where our new friend Lucky lives. We met him by a big
church, and he and his friend Alfred walk us up to their home. It was
a huge refugee camp. We saw hundreds of chill black guys walking
around this place. I called them all brother and they all loved me. We
go to his room, and we teach him, Lucky, his friend, Alfred, and their
Muslim friend, Omar, the first lesson. It was so amazing. They made us
promise to bring them to church, because they really want to come.
They love us. Lucky offered an amazingly humble prayer. We set
baptismal dates with them for January the 17th. I'm so pumped!
We met another guy, Adam, from Togo, who also will be a new
investigator. Lucky has apparently heard many good things about our
church, and looked up our website, and saw the two numbers for the
elders here, and picked ours. He loves the work we are doing. I am so
excited to teach these humble men. We called President Stoddard on the
way home, and he freaked out, he though it was the coolest story ever.
He made me write him today about what happened in my weekly email. Oh
yeah,at stake conference, President Stoddard told one of his favorite
stories to our stake. The one where I told a guy it was way sad to
believe that he would never see his family again. He's told that to
every stake in Germany haha. I'm famous! He has also copied and pasted
two parts of my emails to him to his weekly email to the mission. Haha
famous! Just kidding!

I am so thankful to be able to teach such humble people. These people
are being tossed about, driven from their homes and families, with no
money to their names. YET they believe in God, yet they worship their
Savior! Yet they thank God for his miracles in their lives. It is
truly incredible.
I am so thankful for their humility. I am so prideful. I have a long
way to go until I can be like them. They are the real teachers in our
Them, and the spirit.

I'm loving life! Things are still stressful with the situation last
week, but I thank God for his great people, that teach me more than I
can ever teach. Like Elder Domine. I was his trainer, but he taught me
love and patience. Now these humble Africans. Teaching me to be

When I call Sagbo on the phone, I say Hey! How are you?

He responds always:

Good James, I thank God.

Can't we all be like that?

This is my wish.

I love you guys!

Elder James

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