Monday, February 16, 2015

Words from Elder Adam Otto in Idaho

Being a missionary is the absolute best :)

So this week was pretty difficult! We are really being tested lately. But we just can't give up! We haven't had any success lately with new people, and the members have not been exactly helpful. Our investigators just won't progress, no matter what we do! So I know the Lord has a big plan in store. As long as we give it our all, and press forward with faith, the plan will become clear :)

The weather this week has been so cool! Earlier in the week, it was SUPER rainy, all day long, and we were drenched. Then, it got really windy! And then! It was so great, because it got warm outside! Like hot enough to wear just short sleeves!!! That was the best :) It felt so awesome! Lot's of people noticed us and honked at us, because we were wearing our white shirts, and didn't have a black jacket covering it. So cool :) And then today, it has been pouring rain again! So lot's of stuff going on!

My man Kevin! Oh boy! He has been doing petty good these past few days, except he was drunk aaallll week and so now he is recovering. But we set his date for the 21st, and hopefully he will pull through. He has been doing pretty good so far, and we have the faith it takes! He is truly committed. It was really funny though, because a few days ago we went and visited him. (We try to every day.) He was pretty drunk, and still drinking. He told us he loved us very much and that he was sorry. So I told him to Never. Drink. Again. He looked at me, and took his beer and threw it across the room! It sprayed EVERYWHERE! All over me. It was kinda gross, but I appreciated him showing his willingness. It was all fizzy and wouldn't stop squirting haha! After that, he just lied back on the couch for about 5 minutes and smiled, his drunk smile and stared off into the distance. James was pretty upset, because he was the one who payed for the beer. But we all laughed and it was pretty cool :) I really enjoy being with them when they are sober :) But that's an unusual occurrence, so we are working on fixing that. :)

Speaking of fixing things, I had no idea I had a talent! I am really good a putting things together; who knew?! I guess I never really tried before! We have this one less active lady and we are trying to teach her son, so she asked us to fix a few things for her. I made a cabinet, drawer thingy, and a bed frame. It's nothing cool or spectacular, but I had no idea I could do that kind of stuff. The Lord qualifies who he calls! She calls me Elder Fix It, and I think the Lord is helping me to have the skills needed to gain trust from these people. She also has like 19 sugar gliders, so I don't mind going over there :)

We gave talks yesterday at church, and I think they went pretty well! The Lord gives us the strength we need to bring about his work. We might not notice it at the moment, but looking back at it, it's amazing! We talked on missionary work and the importance of members, and lots of people really enjoyed it. I hope their desire has increased!

I know I am here in Old Town for a reason! The reason might be hidden right now, and I'm pretty sure it is..., but we are doing the Lords work, and at least planting seeds! Hopefully the seeds will grow in people's hearts, and they will accept the restored gospel soon! 

Thank you all so much for what you do! You are all amazing and I love you all! Have a wonderful week :)

Elder Otto

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