Monday, February 16, 2015

Words from Elder Garrett Davis in Thailand

so this week has been great and it flew by to be honest:)so this week was awesome in so many ways a few is that we had a baptism, her name is Amporn and she is awesome and great. another this is that i found this ambulance at the night market over here its blaring music in the parking spots i found it kinda funny:) also this week we taught English class as usually which is fun as always i am growing to like it, then we had the chance to teach a few people about the church haha i found it funny one of them asked "So what do Mormons believe?" and so of course we scheduled and appointment and explained about our church more:) and Friday i had the chance to teach book of Mormon class and it went well. SO today marks my 7th month as a missionary and it is going great i am lucky to be here to serve i have come to love the Thai culture and the language is picking up a little more everyday:) Overall its been a great 7 months and i am looking forward to the rest of my mission:) everything is great here is Thailand:) i love you guys and i wish you the best!:)
Elder Davis
เอล็เดอร์ เดวิส


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