Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Words from Sister Brittay Platt in Colorado

Olo everyone!

What a wonderful week! We did a lot of service this past week, which we weren't planning on, but it was great to help a lot of people!
Jeff and Sarah are doing so so amazing! We taught the Restoration and watched the shorter video of the Restoration with them. They loved it and ended up finding the full version on Netflix and watching it. They also watched 17 Miracles and loved it! They've been reading in the Doctrine and Covenants all week this week and are almost through!! Holy cow! I don't think I've ever read it that fast. They said they loved sections 9, 25, and 76, and a few more. So amazing! They're excited to read the Pearl of Great Price and the Joseph Smith History. On Sunday, our church got cancelled because the weather was so bad and all the missionaries' cars got "grounded" (we weren't allowed to drive). So, we texted our mission president and asked if we could go over to Jeff and Sarah's home and watch "The Saratov Approach" with them. He gave us permission and told us to share a spiritual thought afterwards. When we got to their home, they gave us both an envelope that had a letter and a picture of people playing "twister" (that's like our new inside joke!). The letter told us how us coming into their lives had changed them forever. BUT, more importantly, they bore their testimonies of the Savior and the Book of Mormon. They also quoted scriptures from the Book of Mormon. It was like getting the biggest diamond in the entire world!! The Holy Ghost was so strong and I couldn't help but smile like a fool! It was such a tender mercy and something I'll treasure forever!
Some other miracles we've had this week is we finally got to meet with three investigators that we haven't been able to meet with the last several weeks! We're hoping to put one of them on date soon! Also, a member in our ward, her husband is very less-active and he hasn't let their two kids get baptized. We've been over there quite a bit helping them with stuff, and we asked her on Saturday if we could start teaching their two kids the lessons and if her husband would be okay with that? She was so excited about it and said absolutely!!! We've been praying a lot about who to focus on this transfer, and they kept coming to our minds. Her husband has been warming up a lot with us too, so please pray that their two kids will get baptized! Also, Krystal (the girl from Round Valley) is doing so well! We meet with her every week and although we haven't been there when her husband's been home, we've been able to teach her and her daughter (who is 11 and hasn't been baptized). It's been so wonderful and I love their family!
We had dinner with our bishop this week and we listened to a talk with he and his wife. It's called "The Difference One Can Make" by Larry Johnson and it changed my life!! If any of you have youth that are struggling have them listen to this talk! I'll try to send a copy home to my mom. It's so amazing and I felt the Holy Ghost so strongly. I won't tell you what it's about, but please find it and listen to it and have any and all youth you can find listen to it!
Well, that's it for this week. I want you all to know that I love this work with all my heart! Something I've realized this week is how nothing I am compared to God. Yet, despite all my nothingness, He loves me so much and I am His daughter. I've felt the power of Satan this week a lot more than I would like, but I know that as I remain close to God and continue to turn my will over to Him, He will make my weaknesses become strengths!! This is one of the hardest things I've ever done, but also one of the greatest! One of the best things about this mission is that I get to serve at the same time my sister Hannah! Although our missions are very different and the people we serve are different, this work is still the same and the growth and the feelings we have and the experiences we have are changing us for the better! Reading her testimony and her experiences every week strengthen mine and help me to be grateful every day for this country! Please don't take it for granted! Please share the truth that we have with everyone around you!
I love you all and am so grateful for your prayers! I can't tell you how much I have felt the power of them out on my mission! I love prayer! It is so powerful! Have a wonderful, missionary-moments-filled week and God bless you!

Love, Sister Platt

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