Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Words from Elder Kyle James in Gemany

Liebe Familie,

This week was just amazing. So much has happened. I don't know where to begin. 

Friday, Elder Bader and I got a call from Präsident. Danger day was very dangerous for us. I will tell you about that later though.

Montag- We played soccer in the morning. It sucked. I actually won though.... I guess I am better than I thought. Haha we then played some games and ate together. It was Fasching and there was people everywhere... dressed like freaks, all over the city... the buses stopped running... due to the mass amounts of drunk partiers. We decided to stay inside that night... haha. 

Dienstag- We played soccer with some kids of the guy who got baptized. We invited lots of people... but they didn't come. Schade. I scored at least 10 goals. Not bad! I still hate soccer though. Maybe I will learn to like it in my next area! Spoiler Alert! We also met with Domingo. He is a midget in our ward. He has a pellet gun in his house... and he shoots rats. I saw a dead rat that he had shot. It was really cool. I really like that guy. We also met with Sky. 

Mittwoch- Very good day... though I can't remember much... sorry.... my thoughts are centered on the future... like where I am going. what I am doing... and so on. We interviewed Sky for his taufe and he passed with flying colors. He was ready for his taufe. I am so excited for him. 

Thursday-- we had like 3 lessons with less actives and Sky. It was also a very good day and we got a lot done. 

Freitag--- Dun dun dun. So..... right before comp study at 9 in the morning.. we get a call from president. He talked to me first. He called me as a district leader. A DISTRICT LEADER? I am only in my 5th transfer! I am still in my first area! Everyone is gonna be way older that me. hahaha Elder Bader got a call too. He is going to train in Solingen. Lucky. I love Solingen. We were both way excited. I am going to get a grandson!! Already! I will be in my 6th srea when I get a grandson!! Whoohoo!! I was the only one in my mtc group to be called as district leader. First one. But yeah... I got transferred too... but that is on Saturday.

Saturday-- We listend to transfer calls with the rest of the Solingen brotherhood. We had breakfast and listened very closely. Elder DeMass and Ashton are staying with Bader in Solingen.  I, however, got called to be District leader in the Wetzlar district. There are 10 members of my new district. 4 sister and 6 elders. I live in the nicest Appt in the mission in Gießen. The sisters live in Wetzlar. Darn it. I don't want sisters in my area. We can't hang out with them like we could with the 4 elders in Solingen haha. But yeah. I am way excited to be a leader. DL life here I come. I talked to someone here and they said I would be zone leader in a few transfers. That would be hard haha. But yeah! I will get to go to the Temple! I will be pretty close to it!! Sweet! I am really sad to leave Solingen. I leave the brotherhood behind. :( I love those guys. I love elder Bader. I love Ashton and DeMass. Dang. Oh well. I will see them again. 

I heard Wetzlar has a sweet Castle and a cool church. We shall see though. I bet you guys will look it up. I have to learn a new Dialect too. Jawohl. Hahah 

Sonntag. What a wonderful day. We got to the church and there were a lot of people there. A popular family in our ward had a baby blessing. It was very nice. Lots of non members there. I packed all of my baptisim stuff and I was all ready. The bischofschaft asked me to give a leavers testimony. I did it no problem. My German has gotten so much better. I can speak my mind now. I am so thankful for the Gelegenheit to learn a new language. It is really cool!
After the Meeting... we filled the font. Printed off baptisim flyers. Found Sky a baptisim suit... and then I changed as well. The meeting was great. I gave my testimony... and his dad gave his.... still crazy... but it works. Then we went to the baptismal font. I baptized him in perfect German...thank goodness. I was so happy. Everything went great. His non member mom came too! Maybe she will take the lessons now!! She is coming next week, too!! I won't be here though.

What a miracle. I baptize him.. and leave the area 3 days afterwards. That Is such a miracle. I am so thankful for the chance to do that. It just strengthens my testimony. 

After the baptism, everyone gave me hugs, saying good luck. All the members were so thankful for my service. They said I did a great job. Even our bischof. He hugged me like 4 times... and told me that he was so, so, so thankful for everything. Everything I did, everyone I helped. Our GML said that Bischof Pauly doesnt do stuff like that normally. I  will miss that man. 

I am so thankful for everything I learned here. All the friends I made. All of the souls I helped save. I am so thankful for Solingen. It was hard at times, it was amazing mostly. But over all, It was just awesome. I am so thankful for the people here. The members. For everything.

I believe in Miracles. I know that I, Kyle James, Was put in Solingen to baptize Sky. I know I was. I am so thankful. I can't even describe. Elder Bader was a great comp... and his funny Englisch helped my German out a lot! He had a father and Son baptisim... and I couldn't ask for anymore.

Well... Off to Wetzlar/Gießen. Off to an Awesome aparment. Off to my own car!! Thats right... I get a car now! When Frankfurt gets my license translate!!!!!! HURRY UP!!! I am so excited. If I can't drive.... I blame it on Frankfurt. I passed my test 5 months ago! But yeah. I have heard crazy good things about our appartment. Heated floors. Elavator for the car. I am over three areas. Hanau. Wederau, und Wetzlar. I am so excited!!

I love you guys so much!! Have an awesome week! I get a car... hopefully... hahaha

Oh yeah... it snowed hard last night. We got blanketed. And.. I am wearing shorts. I leave on Thursday to Frankfurt HBH and then to Wetzlar. 

Today we are hanging out with our district. Saying goodbye to me hahhaha.

Well... I need to pack and sign Tschüss books! Love you all!

Elder James. 

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