Friday, February 20, 2015

Words from Elder Ty Blank in Alaska

Hey guys!

Man What a week! It was kinda great! I actually really loved it! 

So this week did have its ups and a downs  though as every week does. Our investigator was sick so we weren't able to teach him this week. And it was a little bit harder to teach anyone for some reason, but we found something to do! We decided to look for opportunities to serve those around us! I think in Total we did about 13+ hours of service this week! It was kinda great! 

So for service up here we kinda just do what every we find! From shoveling off the roof of a restaurant to helping people move! It is kinda just great!


So here is the week break down! 

Monday- P-Day so we were able to do the usual things like email and all that fun stuff! We also had the chance to play some sports and dominate at ultimate Frisbee just like we do every week! We are hoping to mix it up today!  

Tuesday- We had district meeting as usual! That was good. We then had a few appointments set up where someone ended up being sick so we found other people to talk to! 

Wednesday-We had exchanges and we had to go get our car fixed so we took it in and it ended up taking about 4 hours to fix it..... Ya that got really boring. We had a great dinner on the military base with an awesome family!

Thursday-It was back to normal with good'ol Elder Brown! We went and did a lot of service in the morning and in the evening we got to teach some really good lessons! 

Friday-We did a lot of the usual Friday things and not much else. We did however help put some of the final touches on a new restaurant that some recent converts from 1st ward are opening and that was really fun! 

Saturday- More Service really! It was a blast! I seriously love doing service for the people up here because they are so awesome! Whenever we do service for anyone you can just see the grateful look on their face and I love it!

Sunday-Oh man do I love Sundays! We had two great talks given in sacrament, Seriously great talks! I also met some of our members for the first time because they were deployed in Korea! Its kinda crazy being in a ward that covers a military base because it is constantly changing! I love it though! It is a ton of fun and you get to meet people from all over! We just had a lot of our members get back from NTC and now we have a full ward again! hahaha! 


So something that I have come to love lately is the statement “The ever growing gospel"  because as I come to learn of the gospel more and more I realize that it is a gospel of constant progression. We can’t just plateau on the graph to success! We have to be ever growing! We have to continue to become more and more like Our Savior. It is that constant progression that helps us to become a better person! I don't know I just love it! If it makes sense to you all! 


Stay safe!

Elder Ty Nolan Blank

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