Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Words from Elder Chandon Herring in Washington DC

First off I have to say that Portugal is going to be getting an amazing missionary! Mason you are going to do incredibly well! Love you man!

Ok hello everyone! How are you? Good?  good.  I am good as well. It is
cold here and we have had a decent amount of snow. It warmed up to the
fifties yesterday so that was nice. We were snowed in Monday night, Tuesday morning and afternoon, then on Saturday and Sunday for most of the day. Boy do we have cabin fever. But that is ok. We got to nap, study, and call a lot of people.

Tuesday... We were snowed in for a while. Not allowed to even use the Metro until 2! So for lunch I made brownie pudding! Yum! We spent the day contacting. We had no appointments. It was cool though on the
metro. I was talking to this guy and gave him a small copy of the family a proclamation to the world. He thanked me and we parted. I looked back and he had put away his phone and read the whole thing! It was really cool! I hope he accepts it! He and his family need it! I
love contacting!

Wednesday... Nothing too exciting. We were able to get out and teach a
few members, all other lessons canceled. So we had a good time contacting.  Again, I thought, as i watched my kids(Elders Levi and Lematua), how lucky I am to be training them. They are good missionaries and are doing it all right. I love it! We had dinner with Jordan. He is so cool! Then we
got called in because of the roads. Boo!!

Thursday... Today was great! Bishop had us come over and his wife told me to teach her how to make cinnamon rolls. I have only made them like three times but it was fun acting like I knew what I was doing. They turned out super good! Mom your dough is sooooo soft! It was great! We
talked a lot about the ward and how to help get them more missionary minded. Bishop made six pounds of bacon and I literally had 3-4 pounds of it... I am going to have a heart attack! But it was soooo goood!
Haha. We had a great lesson tonight with a less active. His conversion story is cool. It is in two parts. The first part is converting to God. He used to be atheist. He was driving to go see his girlfriend and while he was going traffic was super bad. She was religious and had been trying to get him to read and pray but he never did. As he
sat in traffic he decided to try praying. He made a deal with God that if he could make it on time he would read everyday. Right then spots opened up for him to cut through and drive where he needed to go. As he saw his exit he thought maybe it wasn't God but I just have skill.
Right then an 18 wheeler blocked his exit and he had to go to the next one! Haha. He still made it on time but he knew God existed and that he had a sense of humor. Part two was the persistence of the
missionaries. He met with them a little then moved back home. One day
two sisters showed up and he thought they were for him. Then his dad
said they were for him because he had been attending.  Then His sister
came and said no I called them! None were members and the sisters found a gold mine! He said that if the sisters could get his family interested it must be true so he took the lessons and got baptized. He
is super cool!

Friday... Specialized training! Today we spent literally all day in a meeting! president cooke gave an amazing workshop on being faithful. He doesn't like
the word "obedient" because it makes him think of a dog. But he likes the word "faithful".  It was so cool and I love it! We met with the WML to talk more about the area and what the future holds. Then we had dinner with the Coles family. They are SOOO odd!! But they cook really well. We had fun.

Saturday... We were snowed in with a lot of snow. But we still snuck out to go give a blessing to a member and teach another. We were tired of being cooped up. It was a short day!

Sunday... Church was canceled and we had to stay in all day.  Boooo!!!!!!! We did find a way to leave and go meet some people. We set up all we needed to for a finding activity we are going to try to
do. It was funny because we offered to help a few people shovel the snow and when they saw our tags they were like, "ummm we are almost done thanks anyway!"  We were laughing. We just saw you come out and get
your shovel out of the garage!   It was humorous.

Monday... Pday again. We play more hockey! Haha

Thanks so much I love you all have a great week!

Elder Herring

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