Sunday, July 26, 2015

Last Word from Elder Tyler Crosby in Tonga

Hello Family and Friends,
What a great and marvelous ride it has been as a missionary on the beautiful Islands of Tonga. Its crazy to think this will be my last time emailing as a full-time missionary. Its seems like just yesterday I was getting off the plane and going to my first area. Walking around not having a clue what anyone was saying and feeling so left out. Thinking that you are all alone in a place a million miles away from home. While you are feeling so left out and lonely is when you really come to an understanding of the Love that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for you. You start to realize that a mission is not about how you feel or what your wants and needs are, but how you can help someone else. How you focus all your time and feelings on what you can do,  just to bring hope to those that need it and to give them something more precious than anything this world has to offer. And while you are doing this a new light starts to build and new happiness shines into your life. You finally understand there is a greater happiness out there. 
So your time moves on and you start to understand what being a missionary is all about. And just at that moment as you think you have it all figured out a challenge comes along or a hard time is put in your path. You wonder, why do missionaries need challenges? Shouldn't there pathways be easy? They are doing what they are supposed to right? All these doubts and questions enter your mind as you feel sorry for yourself. Yet do you know that when you have these hard times all the Lord is doing is refining us. Bringing us to our knees that we may be lifted up. Taking us down to take us to a higher level. And when you start to realize this is, is  when your heart is opened up and you can be nothing but thankful. Thankful for the life you have, for the people around you, and the hard times you are given. Your reminded that you are loved. I hope that everyone will remember that. God didn't send us here to fail. HE has a plan for us. We just need to find out what his will is for us. I can be nothing but grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve here in Tonga. To be along side some of my best-friends serving and living amongst the Tongan people. I was so blessed to come to such a Loving country full of amazing people who have made such a big impact on me. I am so thankful for this gospel and the fullness it contains. For the priesthood that we have been given. I know that the Book of Mormon is a book from God given to us to help us in these times. I know that "hope in this world is only a prayer away." That Jesus Christ made the infinite sacrifice for us all so that all of our imperfections can made perfect through his Atonement. I am thankful for all the missionaries who have served, are serving, or will serve. This work will go forward.I want to thank every one who has ever written me or sent me something. I appreciate the time you took to do that and hope that if I didnt write you back that you'll forgive me. Thanks for all the support and the love you guys show to me. Its made a huge difference. I want to say a special thanks to my family and all they do. Especially to my Momma. I couldn't be more blessed with the parents I have. I Love you all so much. Have a good week and hope to see you all soon. 

Ofa Atu! Lots of Love from Tonga,
For the last time!
-Elder Crosby

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