Sunday, July 26, 2015

Words from Elder Levi Crosby in Kentucky

Hey! My week was pretty good. We didn't really find any new investigators but we had some good lessons. We have 3 people who have a baptism date and that's super exiting. They are all one week after the next so I hope everything works out. Well this is my last week of my first transfer! Holy cow! I hope I stay here in bowling green. I love the people and my ward is just cool. We did a few service projects and wow. I was just drenched. It was like 98 degrees plus humidity. But we pushed through and we got a lot done. Anyways yesterday I also gave a talk in church.. How funny is that I got to speak as Tyler and Riley and Sam. I'm sure proud of one guys. But I got to speak on living righteously. I spoke for like 10 minutes too. That's a record. I didn't even get nervous for some reason. I know that the lord helped me and the spirt guided me on what to say and do and that's what I am truly grateful for. But the way we live effects our decisions. And president monson said decisions determine destiny and I think it all starts off on how we live. Whether it to be righteously or not. So I know that if we do live righteously the decisions we make will have a positive outcome. So live righteously and "let the chips fall" as dad would say. Anyways that's what I spoke on. So when did you guys fly in? I'm glad everything worked out. You were all in my prayers for sure. But yeah get Ty to work because he is probably soft.. Just kidding but tell him to not hot rod my truck to much.. Because I know he will. Haha anyways I hope I get to email you guys today. And my companions might give me a haircut so wish me luck! Love you guys!

Elder Crosby

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