Sunday, July 26, 2015

Words from Elder Garrett Davis in Thailand

Samut Prakan
well its been a good week we decided to change things up a little and switch a few missionaries around:) but monday was pday and you can never have a bad pday its impossible so we got transfer calls and only one elder was moving out of the area and so that was a shock we were guessing some people were going to be moving around but i am glad to stay here for the next six weeks! and i am still with elder collings he is a stud! tuesday we had the chance to eat lunch with some members and teach some rcs as well as have meetings and to teach english class which you know me is always a good time:) wednesday we have the chance to go visit and teach some investigators and we met this random guy on the street who wanted to return a book of mormon so we talked to him said he didnt have time to read it and he was nice guy about it so that was an interesting experience but the day goes on and we invited thursday transfers day we didnt do much we planned on going to transfer but was told not to go so we just invited and visited people at their houses pretty good day also tried papaya salad fried it was surprising friday we taught a couple of investigators trying to help them read in the book of mormon so we sat down with them and taught them and read with them it was great then we met wiht the bishop and talked and then he took us to dinner i love it:) we had steak haha thailand steak but i'll take it:) saturday we invited and did somethings that needed to be done like some paper work and sunday we had church went and visited pietune guy is a good guy and then invitied over at the harbor and in baagnam but all is well and is going well ! i pray that as missionaries come home this week i hope they travel safely i love you guy and i will amen what Elder Frazier has to say read the book of mormon and going to church:) but all in all love you guys take care!
Love Elder Davis:)

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