Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Words from Elder Garrett Davis in Thailand

monday we went and visited some other places with a member in the ward over here it was his last pday so he took us some place he is now a missionary! we went and visited zoos and aquariums and i got to see some pretty sweet animails pretty good time! tuesday we meetings and invited and had the chance to teach some investigators and also some new investigators one of the investigators we are teaching is so ready to be baptized but she has to go out of town every saturday and sunday to watch her mom she is comign along and wednesday we had a english day we helped people learn english and then we invited after wards usual day  thursday was a busy day we went and visited some houses of our rcs and she is another grandma and she loves to talk and reads she is awesome! and remembers things very well its amazing:) and friday we went to the hospital and got things taken care of then we came back and invited and long planned saturday we had a lot of canceled lessons and inviting there was also a fire which by the place we invited at and it was interesting to watch how they worked things over here haha lets just say there we random people helping the fire fighters and lots of people watching sunday we great we had a baptism and it was excellent and new investigators:)
this is a good friend in the ward who is going to Australia for his mission! there is a possibility sam or riley will run into him at the mtc look for him and give him a hug for me! also this is our investigator with us and the other missionary who is a good friend of mine!

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