Sunday, July 26, 2015

Words from Elder Chandon Herring in Washington DC

This week was a very good one. I am not going to lie about that. We are going to have a busy transfer with a lot of exchanges and we started off with 2 1/2 this week. It was just fun and on one of them I had one of the best experiences so far on my mission! So let's get started.

Tuesday... Today was the first exchange. I was in my area with elder Huber from Colorado. He is a very quiet yet extremely funny kid. He is a lot of fun and works super hard. We had a really good day together.  He told me a joke :) don't judge ok? What does a clock do when it is
hungry? It goes back 4 seconds :) haha. We had a good day. We cleaned out the baptismal font, checked on a lot of people, and had two great lessons. The first good one was with Melvin, a member. He is such a sweet guy who has a mental disability but it is not bad. He can live on his own and functions well. He really is the most Christlike person I have met. He is the first person to greet every single investigator
we bring each week. We talked about his baptismal covenant and it meant a lot to him. Next was a crazy time with sister Grant and Scippio. They are always a lot of fun. I am excited for you all to meet them. Sis Scippio is always trying to "break" me. She finds something that I say or do and nags me about it trying to get into my head. It is a lot of fun.

Wednesday... The exchange ended today and we had a normal day. For the
evening we had a super fun activity. Our Ward does not do too many events so we planned a Ward mission one and we are excited for the next. We had a movie night with food and showed meet the Mormons. It was a really good turnout. We had just enough food for us to take some home as well. It was all fun. The investigators that came are doing very well. It is always a plus to see them with members and in a more casual setting. Just a good day. We also had our normal mission office trip.

Thursday... Meetings! Woo Hoo! We had our normal meeting but it was a lot of fun. We had an activity at first to come up with a zone motto or quote. There were some very interesting ones. We had good meetings and the district leaders did a good job. One of them made some salted
Carmel brownies that I have to say were quite delicious, yum. It beats dads and madi s for sure, Haha. We had Cafe Rio yet again making this a 14 or so week tradition. It has been really good and I like it a lot. Hint hint haha. One of the senior couples offered to pay for us as well. The senior couples we have are just amazing and help us so much especially in teaching. We also had to push Christopher's baptism back a week and it looks like it might be one more because so many things are getting in the way with meeting with him. Satan is good at what he does but we are going to beat him !

Friday... Exchanges again! Today I was in the Capitol Hill area with elder Zollinger. He is a goof ball and a really fun missionary. He does a lot of good work and I had a great time with him. We had a few lessons set up but a lot fell through.  we had a lot of success finding less actives and referrals. We taught a new member lesson and to end the night we had a lesson with Wagner and Doretta. They are two investigators that are being baptized this Sunday (so they are now baptized) I was there to interview them and it was one of the most
spiritual experiences of my mission. Wagner was a perfect match to D&C
20:37 and I have never heard a more sincere and heartfelt prayer or testimony in my life. It literally would have knocked me off my feet but I was sitting. I can't relay the spirit that was there. I was just so excited to see him so ready. That is what this work is about. I hope I get to find and teach someone who is as truly converted as he
was. Then to celebrate on the way home we walked by Union Market where
there is a creamery that has the best tasting ice cream I have ever had. So mom we will go on a date there when we come back :)

Saturday... Great teaching day! We started out with missionary coordination with the Biolos and they took us to Ledo pizza for lunch. It was superb. We had a great lesson with them and Aziz on family history. We are getting him ready to go to the temple on Aug 1st. He is amazing and his memory is also great. He knew all of the people, places of birth and death, roughly the year, etc for three generations. His will be hard because he is from Africa but he is
working at it. We then had a good lesson with Latisha. She always says one more. We are trying to get her to quit smoking.
One more pack... It drives us nuts. She needs a new kidney, she is dying, etc, etc and she still does not do it. Wow... But she is starting to try more. We are excited to see where it goes. We ended the night at a cool grocery store called Wegmans. We met a new investigator there named Andrea. It was a really good lesson and as we were helping answer her questions she said, "I just don't want your beliefs to get into your way of getting into heaven." She then began to try to convert us, in a sense, and that lesson ended. It went very well up to that point but yea... It was good as well afterwards because E. Humphrey told me that my teaching was 4 Xs better than it
was when we were in DC 3rd. It was a nice compliment but now I am like, was I a bad teacher then? I am self conscious about my teaching sometimes. But hey all I can do is learn.

Sunday... Today was a good end to the week. We had really good study time and then we had Ward council. They are improving haha. We had a good turn out for church which is good because Presidnent and sister Cooke were there. They are great. They are visiting every Ward before
they go home. After church was a baptism for three people in the Capitol Hill Ward including Wagner and Doretta. It was a beautiful service and the brownies after were splendid. I ate 1 or 12 :) we ran
home for dinner then off to Why I Believe at the VC. It was the temple President and his wife. They were amazing speakers.

Today... We got up and lifted. Leg day was really good. I believe the word Jello describes my legs. Then we went to the National Gallery of Art. It was ok. Did not see any of the paintings I wanted to but it
worked out. Saw some really weird stuff though haha. The art from the apostasy is bad. Then shopping and now out to teach. Life is going very well. I have an amazing companion and we are doing very well here in Anacostia. I love my mission and I am excited for those of you who have not gone
yet to go! Have a great week!

Elder Herring

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