Sunday, July 26, 2015

Words from Elder Brandon Day in Oklahoma

Hey Everyone!!
So its been a really strange week for me. I found out a week early that I was getting transferred because my companion will be training a new missionary! So it was a really slow and hard week to try and get stuff done! I found out last night where my new area is, and its only 20 miles south of where I am now, in Moore Oklahoma, tornado alley!! Good thing tornado season has passed though, so it shouldn't be bad at all. I'm really excited for the new area though!!
This weekend we had Stake Conference and we had an area 70 preside at the meetings. It was probably one of the best conferences I have been too!! Elder Hansen was really funny and was such a great guy, and so many wonderful things were said! There was a recent convert that was asked to get up and say a few words, and she talked about how grateful she was that so many men in the ward were so willing to help her with fixing her house. Elder Hansen reminded her and all of us to not dwell on the things that maybe offends us or if we say something wrong. He said "We are not a museum of perfect saints, we are a laboratory of learning saints." I thought that was so true! So many members of the church leave because someone treated them wrong or they didn't like how someone took care of a situation. We're all human, and we all mess up. We aren't perfect. We need to remember that this is the true church, and we're all here because we have received that witness. We're not perfect, but we are trying our best and learning from our mistakes and mistakes of others. I just ask you all the remember the relationship you have with our Savior and our Heavenly Father, and remember why you are a part of this church.
After the Saturday evening session of conference, a few of us missionaries went up to meet Elder Hansen and to thank him for the great words he said. I kind of got put on the spot, but I handed him a Book of Mormon and invited him to give it to someone before he left Oklahoma! He accepted and said "well I guess I better do that then!" I got to promise him blessings and happiness as he does it. It was a pretty cool experience invited a general authority to hand out a Book of Mormon, definitely one to remember!
Well I'm excited for my new area and to learn a whole lot more names! I'm definitely grateful for this experience and how much it has impacted my life!
I also want to say happy Father's Day to all out there and hope you enjoyed it! And a late Happy Birthday to my little sister Marissa!!
Love you all so much!

Elder Day

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