Sunday, July 26, 2015

Words from Elder Garrett Davis in Thailand

Samut Prakan
well my friend and family its been another week already but there is something different then usually this week is my cousins last week as missionary, Elder Tyler Crosby has served in Tonga for the past 2 years and every email i have received from him always showed his love he had for the people of Tonga, hes a stud:) the last week was kinda busy for me monday we had pday and we relaxed at the house and then went and invited later that night tuesday we went had meetings and i received a phone call i was going to go to kalasin for the rest of the transfer and so i head home and packed my bags and then they called again and canceled and told me i was staying so then we taught english which was great i love speaking thai-english with them:) wednesday was different because we had a meeting with the new mission president and he came and talked to us and i believe there will be a little change over here i am excited to see how is goes:) thursday we went about a normal day inviting and meeting with investigators and visiting with people and also had book of mormon class:) friday we had a companion switch off with elder hartung and i and then we switch again because some cambodian elders came down to help us so that was a fun day i felt like a greene again trying to understand a language i dont understand:) they we went and ate together and sent them back to ausok:) saturday was a fun one we invited all day but we ended the night with a lesson and eating with members then sunday we had church and we taught investigators and rcs after that then we head home and elder t made us dinner i love thai people and their ability to make thai food:) i love ya guy and i hope you enjoy this week i hope all is well:) i wish you guys the best:)
Love you guys
Elder Davis:)

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