Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Words from Elder Chandon Herring in Washington DC

Well hello my dear family and friends. Not sure how many even read this anymore because I have passed a year and that is when you begin to be forgotten. Haha it is true. Not on purpose of course though.
Well this week was interesting for sure. We got a lot done and were able to help out a lot of missionaries.

Tuesday... Tuesday was again another exchange. We are doing a lot this
transfer and we have one every Tuesday and Thursday for most of it. Today I was with a green elder from... Guess where.... Utah! I know right? Who would have thought missionaries came out of Utah. He is shy but a very smart kid. We had a really good day. We started with service for Sis. Guy. She is a goof, but fun. She gave us Subway for doing her yard.  And no Mosquitos like last time! We ran home and cleaned up before going to teach Latisha and Marquay. They are good people. Latisha just needs to stop smoking. She always just says, " this is my last pack" and it never is. We checked on a lot of people which it is good for him because he is down in Calvert county where there are no people. We have  a lot here in Anacostia. We ended the night with a really good FHE with Aminata and Zendaya. It had been
a while since we saw them and we had a fun time. For the first time ever I won Farkle! I was so pumped! Normally I don't even get on the board.

Wednesday... Today was most likely the best day of the week fun wise.  Haha well... My fun wise. We went to the mission office as normal and back with really good traffic so we could do a little more. We visited Sis.
Jackson who was watching her neighbors kids. They were 3 and 8. Honestly some of the most adorable kids ever. We talked about Jesus and they just could not believe that he would help them. It was good
and they promised to say their prayers. We again checked on a lot of referrals. We have a lot to do because when they combined the three areas we got them all and that is currently after this week at 237
remaining. On a good day we contact 8-10. We then drove out to the Biolos home. There we ended the night playing Risk. Haha we played with a blind member who lives out there and she is so lonely. She was talking to the Biolos and found out we played it sometimes and she loves it. She can remember the board and she actually ended up winning. We started out going easy on her but she was brutal. Haha I
did really well as always (yes I am still prideful) we had to go before the game ended so we were not there forever. But it really was a good night, I have always loved being with older people. It is fun.

Thursday... I am going to be honest today was not a good day at all. But the morning went great. At zone district meeting we had an amazing workshop by the Home Teachers and sister Cooke. The HT taught
on the process of purification and the power of the atonement. They had us write down our list of things we are working on then we carried a big weight (literally weights) around the building ending eventually in the gym where there was a massive cutout of Christ. We put the weight at his feet and that was where we left our problems. It was really well done. Then sister Cooke talked about our mindset and getting out of life or anything else what we put into it. I loved it. She talked about practicing the piano and related it to that, she is a good musician. Then all heck broke loose and the day ended.

Friday... I woke up feeling sick but I went to the gym anyway and just ran. I know you are all shocked. Yes elder herring ran of his own free will and choice. It was needed. I then went to the car and talked to elder Thornton for a long time. He is such a good example to me. I love the guy. We then went to the stake center to help out with a youth conference. The youth are doing a three day thing. A whole day in the temple then a two day conference. Some great things happened. We did an exchange with them for like 4 hours and it was a lot of fun. I then went on an Exchnage down to Bayside. It is quiet out there. I went with elder Blackner one of our district leaders. He is a good missionary and we talked a lot. We really talked about obedience and the difference between the letter and spirit of the law. It was a good time to evaluate the things I do and how to improve. How
am I fulfilling my purpose? It was a good day. Most of our appointments canceled but we ended the night with a great family. It was one of the best dinner appointments I have ever had. The food was just ok but the conversation was great. We talked with Bro. And Sis Dahl for a long time. They are very smart and such good people. His
favorite quote is, "the Apostacy runs deep" and it does. But we are working on that. Calvert county is good. Haha

Saturday... Today was not a very good day for proselyting. But it was very productive. We spent all day planning and reporting a lot of stuff to the APs and stake presidency. One of the reports is Stake Coordination that we present tomorrow and missionaries do not know how to fill it out. But despite all the opposition we did it before 9:30.
Haha we did do some service and teach a lesson or two just no time for contacting or referrals. It was really good.

Sunday... Today was good we started the morning at Stake Coordination with the stake president and the mission president. It was good presenting all the different things the zone is doing. This stake
presidency is incredible. We went through each of the 10 wards and talked about individuals. Not just numbers and statistics but individuals and how to help. It was amazing they knew each person, almost. We then had church and the lesson in gospel principles was on service. I wanted to share one of my favorite poems that President Monson shared one time. It is:

I have wept in the night
For the shortness of sight
That to somebody's need made me blind
But I never have yet
Felt a tinge of regret
For being a little too kind.

I love that Poem and that is so true! We just had a good day and lot of less actives we were working with came to church. All the ones we are helping prepare to be endowed were there as well. Love it! I am so excited! So that was my week. This coming Saturday we get to go do baptisms again and the following week we get to be in the temple for a session, baptisms, and a meeting on the 7th floor assembly room. Good times! Go to the temple! I love you all have a good week

Elder Herring

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