Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Words from Sister Hailey Overson in Brazil

Hey Everyone! This week was awesome. My new companion is SUPER CHIQUE. Her name is Sister Sena and she´s super hilarious and has such an awesome desire to work hard. I´m wayyy excited about this transfer together. It´s cold and rainy here in Birigui, but it´s going good! Rain or sun, we work and whether we have tons of lessons or only a few, we feel good about our day becasue we didn´t quit:) I love missionary work .The most gratifying thing I´ve ever done. I love being a missionary. We are working with lots of people, trying to help them progess,... That´s the problem here. The people love when we come to their houses but dont want to do anything on their own. But I know there are tons of people just waiting for this wonderful gospel to enter their lives. That´s why we do this work. Because we love God and we love these people. We want that they can have what we have. I love being a missionary. 

And HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!! Another American is living with us now and we had a little party with hot chocolate to celebrate!! 
Sister Overson

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