Sunday, July 26, 2015

Words from Elder Chandon Herring in Washington DC

Well another week has gone by. It sure goes fast and this week we conclude another transfer. Again this transfer was fast as well. That is the good thing about always being busy is time flies by. Today has been a good pday. We went to the gym and are now up at the DC stake center for death ball. (Basketball as a mission with the departing elders) we have played a couple games and it has been fun. We will
head home soon and do our shopping. Tonight we have a meeting with the
bishops family and three investigators so it should be good.

Tuesday... Today was good we had a good appt with our investigator named Ezekiel. He is is good and very immature but we have fun. He was totally fine with the commandments until we got to the Word of Wisdom. He REALLY likes iced coffee and we had a nice little debate on it for a while. It was comical. He said, "I know Joseph Smith is a prophet and the BOM is true but it is not bad if I only have it for a while...
We are never going to be perfect in this life so this could be my one imperfection." It was good. We ended the night at a baptism in the DC3rd Ward with one of e. Monsias French converts. It was a lot of fun. Really good to see familiar faces.

Wednesday... Today was the departing temple trip. E. Monsia had to be there early so I was able to do some initiatory before the session. I love the temple days! After was a little depressing though. We had to
take an elder to the airport who just did not want to be on his mission. He had been out for 11 weeks and decided to go home. He was super excited and he bought us lunch and stuff. But I was thinking of how much he is going to regret this decision. He was a good kid but yea... At the airport though one of the security guards we saw was an
investigator for some missionaries in our zone so it was really cool being able to talk with him. He had questions on blacks and the church and e. Monsia is black so it was a good thing we were there to help,
the lord works in mysterious ways. The assistants normally take departing missionaries home but they had us this time. Blessing in disguise? When we returned to our area were able to go see sis grant.  She is a goof ball and such a funny lady. She gets all worked up over small things.  it is fun. She kept talking about the Amish market and how she is going there with her senior citizen group. They have some amazing food there.

Thursday... Today was a lot of meetings. We had our zone district meeting and had a chance to do a little planning after that and cafe rio. But that evening elder Monsia had his departing interview at the mission home. That and a dinner. So I exchanged with elder Thornton and we checked on a few companionships in DC. While there we were invited to dinner at Ceasars home and he had e. Brian from my first area who has been home for a while there. We enjoyed seeing him and eating really good food. We got on super late because we did not get
home until midnight. That is the case every time because the dinner and interviews always run late then the two hour drive home haha.

Friday... The 4th celebration begins. We had our Ward BBQ and it turned out super good! We had five investigators come and they fellow shipped a lot with the members. It was great seeing the Ward bring them in. We ate a lot of food too.  We need that a little late because we had to help clean up. After we left we went to help some members hook up a wireless printer and stuff. It was fun because they both have no idea how to type on a computer let alone turn it on. But they will use it for their business. We ended the night with Melody. She is so good but she just does not get work off for church. She has worked
every Sunday for over a year and just can't get it off or won't. We are not sure. But she loves studying with us.

Saturday... Today was anti climatic. We slept a little then did some shopping and I got some really cool brown shoes and belt and socks to match. Not too bad haha. I love them! We had plenty of time to read
and so we played games such as risk. It was a lot of fun and the Biolos came over that night and we did lots of other games. They are good people. The neighborhood was so smoky! They know how to party
hard here in SE. The smoke and sound did go until morning. Not too much sleepin took place. Haha but it was a lot of fun.

Sunday... Good day. We had two dinner appts and had a very good discussion with both families.  they had some stuff we were able to help them with. Sorry for a short ending but time is short. We need to
drive home and get some stuff done. I love you all and I hope you have a great week! Love you!

Elder Herring

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