Sunday, July 26, 2015

Words from Ty Blank in Alaska

Hey you guys!
So in my last email I had said that in my transfer call I was being
called to train a new missionary again and may I say it is quite
awesome to be blessed with such a privilege! So my week was well kinda
crazy! We met a whole lot of people and kinda made it our mission to
work so hard we come in at night and are so exhausted that it is hard
to plan and can I say that we are achieving that goal!

Monday- So Monday was my last day in the Beach lake ward because I had
been called to serve in sandier places😉 so we spent most of the day
saying goodbye to people we had been teaching and members that we
really liked as well! It is always kinda bitter sweet to leave a ward,
but it is good to see what lies ahead.

Tuesday- Man what a day Tuesday was! So we woke up and I finished
packing, we then drove to anchorage because I had a meeting that
started at 9:30, so we arrive and there were 14 other trainers there
and you could feel the excitement in the room! We then had a meeting
with president and then we walk into another room and we see all the
brand new fresh missionaries straight from the MTC. We then meet our
trainees! My new companions name is Elder Fisher from Virginia! He is
excited about missionary work and that was awesome! We then had
transfer meeting and that was a good one! There were some great
testimonies from departing missionaries! It is always good to hear the
testimonies from them! We then headed to our area and we found a
really poorly kept area book and illegible notes. Along with an
apartment that looks like hurricane sandy came through before it hit
New York.  So we did the natural thing and went to a service project
for people in our ward. Afterwards we went and tried to meet people in
the ward!

Wednesday- so we went to the office on Wednesday to pick up some
supplies from the office so we could proselyte effectively. We then
leave and realize that we forgot something! So we heade back and one
of the office couples then said "elder blank you forgot your book" I'm
like "what book" they then proceed to point to a binder that say
district leader on it attached was a stick not with my name! So it
turns out I am the district leader as well as trainer! Surprise! So I
am district trainer! So after all that hubbub we went out and
proceeded to meet the members of the ward! Most inviting us in with a
little bit of a hesitant nature. Understandable though. That night we
had a dinner with a ward missionary and then a meeting with our ward
mission leader brother Hamm! He is a nice older man and he is excited
about missionary work! After wards we went out and did some visits
with the ward missionaries! So that was good!

Thursday-Friday not a whole lot happened that is super note worthy we
tracted a lot and tried to talk with everyone! It really pays off in
the end even though we don't see the imitate results. Also I had a
meeting with the zone leaders and we also had zone meeting which was

Saturday- we really are able to have a lot of blessing through
tracting and have really good conversations with everyone! It really
is a blast! We meet so many people every day! And we are already
seeing the blessings! It's incredible! I guess the other thing that
happened was the Layhew from Fairbanks and took us out to dinner! They
are awesome! And have been a huge blessing in my mission!

Sunday- So it was our first Sunday in the ward and we were welcomed
warmly! So that is good we also got 2 referrals! Ahhhh ya! The work is
moving forward! We spent a lot of time meet no people and we even
taught gospel principles! It was fun! Other then that we had a few
visits with members some other members who have lost the gospel fire!
But we are working on it!

So I can already tell that these next few months are going to try my
patience more then ever, but I can also tell if I look at all this
with the right attitude I will draw closer to Christ then ever before!
I have a testimony of this work and that it is what i am supposed to
be doing! I love it out here and know this is where the lord wants me!

With love
Elder Ty Nolan Blank

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