Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Words from Elder Kyle James in Germany

 Liebe familie,

Hallo! I have a lot to tell today and I hope I have enough time. Me,
being slightly crazy as I am, had the wonderful idea of riding to
Marburg on our bikes.... From Giessen. That a 34 kilometer trip!
Everyone loves the idea, but it will be interesting. It is supposed to
rain and thunder today haha. The trip will take us through 3 castles
and a cool old water mill, made out of an old German house. We are
going to be legends. So yeah... That is what we are doing today.

On Monday, we visited Thomas and other things. It was fun. Thomas told
us that his wife gave someone our number. I didn't think much of it...
But it ended up awesome.

Tuesday we went to the temple. It was great. My last time in the
temple probably. I did it in German again. I ran into a couple from
Solingen. It was good to speak with them. I actually got my pant size
right for once too!! Be proud. We then went and ate dinner.

Wednesday... We had a fallen out appt with Marco, too bad. But it's
ok. We also tried our hands at contacting by a castle. That is where
we found the bike trail to Marburg. That day was pretty slow... But
then it got great!

Thursday we got super lost in Biebertal, so we walked through
kilometers of fields until we had to turn around. After that, we had
an appointment with Marco in the mall. It was so great! So great, that
we set a baptismal date for the 30th of August. He is super excited.
So am I. Sad that I won't be there for it:( He is super cool and nice. Right after
that, we went down to Hanau and started our split. I was with Elder
Cocker. We made it home and talked for a while on my balcony. It was a
good talk. There are a few problems going on in Hanau and I am glad to
help them out.

Friday was also great. Until the end. We went contacting to a bus stop
far away. I gave a bom to a Jehovah's Witness guy. He said he would
read and pray! We then went
to our appointment in Staufenberg. It was good, we shared a Mormon
message to a member who lives in an old folks home. On our way
home, I talked to a lady at the bus stop. She is from Spain and was
trying to learn German. I gave her a lot of advice. She sat next to us
on the bus, and she asked me to speak in German with her, so she could
learn. I did. She was very thankful.  
I love helping people! We then played basketball
with our Giessen homies. We found two new people and got their
numbers. It was way fun! Melvin calls me James and loves playing ball with
me haha. After that we went and changed and began to split back. I
called them, and told them exactly what time I would be in Hanau. I
made it painfully clear, that they had to be at the train station at
8:45 exactly! It was extremely important. If we missed our train going
home... It would have been killer. And... We missed it. I get to
bahnhof and no one is there. I call them. They answer, and all three
Hanau Elders and Elder Domine were just then getting in the car
laughing and having a great time. They lost track of time... PLAYING
They got there 20 minutes late! We had to wait in Hanau
for an hour, go through Frankfurt, and then take a train to Giessen.
And then walk home. We got home at 12... Instead of 9:30. Because of a
dumb game. And I'm already tired enough from everything we do haha
Saturday was good. A day full of miracles.

We sacrificed our whole Saturday to help Hanau out with some lessons
in Fulda. We were going to split to do them all. There was a train
from Hanau at exactly 11:48 that we had to make, or it would ruin the
whole day. The train from Giessen... Arrived at 11.49. One minute too
late. I called Hanau and they were rushing to find a solution. We
decided as a last resort, that we would pray... That somehow, someway,
the important train would be 5 minutes delayed. I tied my shoes, and
prayed for a 5 min the delay. As we were pulling into Hanau, while
having an intense phone call with Hanau about how we were going to do
this... Elder Bentley checked the train times... And sure enough...
The main train was delayed 5 minutes. Randomly. Without cause. It was
just delayed. What a miracle. Literally. That is incredible. I thank
the Lord for such wonderful things! Das Wunder der fünf Minuten
We barely made the train and split right then. Wonderful! But that's not
all. In Fulda, Hales and I took a train that went dorf to dorf. We
missed the stop for the appointment, so we got off like 8 kilometers
away from the place. We talked to the bus driver a little about how we
get there. We started walking through corn fields and then we had to
walk on the shoulder of the motorway. It was pretty dangerous haha.
But... Another miracle happened. A car pulls up to us and says... Get
in. Hales looked at me to see if it was ok. I was like... Heck yeah!
So we got in. It was the bus driver driving home from work!  He picked
us up and drove us to our appointment. Wow! So cool!
The appt was good. It was some old farmer dude that was a little
crazy. He is adding me on Facebook.  We then split back and made it

Sunday! Thomas's friend was there... And she brought 3 kids. I had the
feeling to bring an English Book of Mormon for a good reason. We had 3
investigators at church! The sisters had one too. Our ward nearly
passed out. They couldn't believe it. We had Marco, Stelle, and
Hoffman. I had to translate for the Sisters investigator. Church was
so crazy. I was so, so tried afterwards. Lots of people to help,
questions to answer, classes to teach, rides to find. Afterwards in ward council, they were freaking out about how much we were doing. I am glad haha.
No one wants Sister Jeppesen and I to be transferred. They are all
scared. I am too!
Sunday night, Wetterau came over and helped me map out the route for todays bike ride. I am pumped! I cannot wait!

Naja. This week was stressful, but very rewarding. I am thankful for
all of my many blessing, and the wonderful miracles I have seen. I
need them. They mold me into a strong member. I am just thankful.

Thank you for everything! I love you guys very much and I can't wait
for Christmas for Skype!!

Have a great week and know that you're in my prayers!

Look for miracles!
Send me more chicken videos!! I love those!!

Elder James

Von meinem iPad gesendet

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