Sunday, July 26, 2015

Words from Sister Hannah Platt in Honduras

Hello my amazing familiy and friends!!!!!

Well, this week was awesome!!! Like always!! In the mission, there are only good days and better days so every day is pretty awesome!! :) My new comp. is so amazing. She is soo happy all the time and is always searching out the good in all things!! its so good for me and i am learning so much from her example! We have a ton of fun together and we are really working hard. 

Oh and i forgot to wish everyone a happy fourth of july last week so.... HAPPY LATE FOURTH OF JULY!!! :) What a glorious day in American history. I thought a lot of the wonderful freedoms we enjoy and i am so grateful to be an American! Being here in Honduras has really humbled me. I have seen a lot of very harsh living conditions and many people suffer. It has soo made me appreciate what we have in the United States and i am soo grateful to the many men and women who have given so much to preserve what we have. Freedom is something without price. And it is something we must fight to maintain. Please thank the Lord daily for what He has given us. It is amazing all the small things we take for granted. Small blessings that at times are forgotten. We must never stop fighting for freedom. When our cause is just and righteous, the Lord will always help us to conquer. We read many times in the Book of Mormon of a people called the Nephites. They were forced to fight enemies many times in order to maintain their lands, their families, and their religious freedom, but they fought with armor and with the power of God, and they always came off victorious. We can do the same! As we put on the armor of God each day and rely on Him, He will provide and pull us through and we will come off conquerors. We can overcome Satan and we can keep the freedoms God has given us! Don´t get discouraged or lose the faith! God is good (as my sister britt always says) and He will never leave us alone! 

Well, Sabana Grande is amazing as always! Its beautiful and super hot right now :) We are finding a lot of people and continue to do so. Our families are progressing slowly.. but i know that they will progress despite the challenges Satan has placed in their path. 

I sure love you all more than you know! I love this work. I love being able to represent our Savior and to bring the glorious news of the gospel to all people here in Honduras. I love this country. It is a beautiful place filled with beautiful people who are changing my life. What a glorious time to live in!! We are beyond blessed. Keep going forward in faith, keeping fighting the adversary, and keep looking to Christ in every thought and action and He will provide!! I love you all!!!

Con todo mi amor y mas,

Hermanita Platt

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