Sunday, July 26, 2015

Words from Sister Brittany Platt in Colorado

Olo everyone!
What a great week we had in spite of lots of people being gone for the 4th! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! We got to do lots and lots of service on the 4th and we taught a less-active and had a delicious bbq with an active family in the ward. We had to be in by 6, so we played a Disney Trivia game with Susanne and her husband Scott, and then we watched fireworks from the rooftop and Sister Wilde played a little bit on the guitar and we sang. It was lovely! Great 4th of July! Sadly, the next day (Sunday) my stomach really hurt so we came home at 7 so I could rest. I think I might be gluten intolerant but I'm just not ready to go off gluten yet! ~sigh~ If anyone has any suggestions on what/how to do that, let me know. I need to just do it, but oh how I love gluten! :)
One cool miracle from this past week is we were out at night doing some finding, and we saw an older lady moving some sod from her car to her wheelbarrow, so we asked if we could help. She let us! Yay! So we took it to the back yard and she had an amazing back yard! Tons of flowers and plants. She showed us every single one of them and she had such knowledge about plants. She then told us she knew her neighbors (who are members) very well, for a long time. She said she wasn't interested, but we offered more service and she said she'd let us know. Well, she called her member neighbor a few days later and said she was so impressed with us that she wondered if we would take care of her flowers while she and her husband were out of town for medical purposes. We called her and agreed to do it and she was thrilled! It was so wonderful and she and her husband were so sweet about it. So, we're praying that somehow we can teach them the gospel when they get back and that we don't kill any of her flowers while they're gone!!!! :)
Another cool miracle is we met with Jade twice this week and we showed her some youth Mormon messages. She loved them and told us she felt the Holy Ghost! It was really neat to see her finally have an experience where she truly felt the Spirit. We've tried setting her on date again, but she won't commit. We've got some good plans, though, and we're praying that for a miracle with that! We're also hoping we get to teach her mom soon as well.
As you all know, President Boyd K. Packer passed away last week. If you haven't already, please watch this very touching video about his life: It made me cry! I had a very sacred experience with President Packer. When my family and I were in the brandnew Nauvoo Pageant in 2005, I was struggling with one particular weakness and prayed very hard that I could receive a blessing of healing. President Packer, along with two other apostles, came to view the pageant (as they had been in charge of bringing it about) and they gave a fireside for all of the cast members. President Packer gave a powerful testimony of the Savior and he blessed all of us with a knowledge of the Savior and of any healing that we needed. Although it took time, the healing I so badly sought came. And I know it was partially because of that answer to prayer I received from President Packer. He's always been and always will be one of my favorites! I love him dearly and am so grateful he's home! What a wonderful reunion he must be having in the Spirit World with Elder Perry and so many others!
I hope you all have a wonderful week and that you continue to do missionary work, for this is the greatest work we could ever do! I read in the Power of Everyday Missionaries about 3 wards who were incredible missionary wards. It was because God could trust them that they would find people to teach and that they would open their arms to anyone that came to church. I know that every ward in this church can do and be the same! We need to step up as missionaries and call ourselves on missions! If we do, we are promised that we will find greater strength not only to do missionary work, but to get through trials and become strong. And more than anything that our families will be blessed! Love you all and thanks for all you do! Oh, and several people have asked for pictures so I'll send some. :)

Love, Sister Platt

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