Sunday, July 26, 2015

Words from Elder Shad Lindsey in the Ukraine

I feel like I have a lot that I want to say to ya'll today. First off,
thanks for your letters. I really appreciate all of them. Second off,
things are great on my end. Couldn't be better actually! I'm gratful
for my companion because he is diligent and hard working. We are
working harder then I ever have before. I just want to finish this
mission right ya know? No mistakes. We have been doing a lot of
service and contacting. We talk with everybody and do all we can to
invite people to develop faith in Christ.

We had a pretty neat experience this last week. There are a few
babushki in our branch who are in wheelchairs for some reason or
another. And one of them called us and said they needed help pushing
them to the park for this big activity for people with disabilities.
We pushed em there and when we got there we saw tons of people! With
all sorts of disabilities. There were even a bunch of americans there.
One lady walked up and said hi! I didt know that she was american at
the time, so I just looked at her and all I could say was
здравствуйте. My companion was like dude she was american. Americans
are different then I remember. They had a neat little program about
Christ and stuff. A lot of singing and dancing and poems and stuff. It
wasnt bad. The whole time I just watched the people. The americans and
the ukranians. It was so weird to me. Americans are loud and express
their love by hugging and things and ukranians are different. They are
really good at hiding their emotions. The whole time I just watched em
and thought, "man what are you guys doing? These people are different.
They've had hard lives. All of em have had hard lives. They are loving
and nice, but you have to treat them respectfully and in a way that
they understand." I love these people. I have served them or 2 years
and God has helped me understand them. In every prayer I pray that God
will help me to love and understand His people and I feel like goign
to that activity I realized that I really do care about these people.
I know how they think and why they act the way they do. I speak their
language and can teach them in away meaningful to them. I've triedhard
to serve and love these people and I am a believer that God answers
prayers. I know that those american people were just trying to do
their best and I hope it doesnt sound like I'm talking bad about them
becuse I'm not. They were a light to the people and really helped all
of them. They're the reason it even happened. But I feel that these
people mean so much to me because I have consistently and diligently
served them.

Thinking about leaving makes my heart hurt. I never thought leaving
would be the hard part. I thought I'd just pack my bags, tip my hat
and get on the plane no problem. I didn't know that it'd be so hard. I
love my mission. God must really love me. Of all the things I've
learned, the one thing I'll forever be grateful for is my relationship
with my Heavenly Father and His Son.  I believe in Them. I'm happy to
serve Them these next 2 weeks.

So until our next meeting, I love you and we'll seeya soon.

  Elder Lindsey

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