Sunday, July 26, 2015

Words from Elder Dayton Waite in Georgia

Hello Everyone!

this week was... crazy! it started off good then went a little nuts by Thursday. I woke up with a bug on my hand and killed it and realized it was a bed bug. so I decided to do a little digging and found all four mattresses in our apt was infested! so we called our housing boss and she told us to throw all away tell the apt office and they will be exterminating but we couldn't stay there so we moved in with the senior couple the terry's. Man that was fun! Felt like home away from home! they took really good care of us for 4 nights!

On Saturday I was able to perform the a baptism for Nancy Blackmon. A sweet lady who the Sisters have been teaching who I gave a blessing to last transfer. what a wonderful Spirit she carried with her afterwards. You could tell she was very happy and pleased with her decision. She had to give up smoking and she said it was her best decision yet! After her confirmation Sunday ive never seen someone smile as much as she did! I was very thankful I was able to participate in both.

Everything is going good here and im thankful for my mission everyday! Don't worry the bed bug problem has now been taken care of and unfortunately we have to move in tonight :( Ill miss the terrys!

Hope everyone has a great week! Stay safe!


Elder Waite

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