Sunday, February 7, 2016

Words from Elder Adam Otto in Idaho

Hey everyone!

This week has been so fantastic. We have been having the times of our lives here!! Lots of food, happy people, and snow (as of today)!! We found out Elder Dart is being transferred to go train a new missionary, so I am staying!! (Which is weird because I usually leave after every 3 months, but whatever! I'm super excited!) I will be training another new zone leader named Elder Flynn. I don't know him, but from what I heard he is super funny and fun! So I think we will get along great!! Our zone is going to be soooo amazing this coming transfer!! I am super excited. We've got the best missionaries and the best miracles. Everyone is finding families to teach and baptize and everyone is working super hard!! :)

Speaking of miracles!!! : Oh my goodness! So last night, we found out that the three kids I was teaching in Ammon have gotten permission from their father to be baptized!!! I am SOOOOO happy!!! They are getting baptized TOMORROW, and Jaxton still wants me to baptize him!!! They are ssooo amazing. I was so sad around this time last year, when they found out they couldn't get baptized. But now, a year later, here I am serving close to that area, and the time is right!! They are so excited. Can't wait for tomorrow :)

We had an amazing Christmas Musical fireside last night, and the spirit of Christmas was super strong. Our investigator, Daniel, who lives in Iona really wanted to come but didn't have a ride. So he rode his bike all the way from Iona in the dark, cold, rainy night!! He showed up 20 minutes before it ended, but oh my goodness. He loved it. And he is such an example to me of making important things priorities. Sadly, as of Wednesday, we will no longer be covering our 3 wards in the Iona south stake. Just the Lincoln stake. But he is getting awesome new missionaries!! 

Elder Dart and I have been super sick this week. Like, it was really tough to even move our bodies. But we are pretty much healed now, just sore throats and coughs. But our zone is doing amazing things. We are so blessed to be doing the Lords work this time of year. The spirit is all over the world, and peoples hearts are sooo soft! Just like the snow :) It sure is freezing though! I decided as of today I want to live somewhere warm and hot!! The heat is good. Cold is bad. It's too cold and unhappy. Arizona sounds pretty good to me right now.

We also had zone training this week. It was so so good. I love giving training so much. I learn a ton, get to receive revelation for the zone, and just love those guys! These past few months have been priceless for me. And I am extremely excited for this upcoming transfer with the new zone :)

I hope all of you are having a wonderful time!! Thanks so much for all the packages and cards!! I love you all so much. Never forget that! And never forget how much our savior loves you!!! Happy holidays! :)

Elder Otto


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