Sunday, February 7, 2016

Words from Elder Samuel Isaacson in Arentina

hola mis hermanos y hermanas

this past week has been good a  couple good stories to tell you guys!

well every tuesday we have to travel to reconquista for our district meeting! and there is this little town in the middle of the trip that the bus drives through called malebrigo. it is just a small little town smaller then st. johns! and it has been ouor dream to go there and work for a day because there hasnt been any missionaries there so we would be the first! but presidente doesnt want us to go there and open up a new area because the mission is getting smaller! anddhe doesnt want us to travel there every week! but we went to a house and clapped it and a guy invited us in and we taught the first lesson! and he had a lot of great questions but turns out he lives in malabrigo! so this was our way into malebrigo! we called president to tell him and he said that we could go teach him but we cant clap any houses because there isnt alot of missionaries! so we go there after being lost we find the guys house and we teach him about the book of mormon and it was good he had a lot of good questions again! and it was great but after the lesson we had like 2 hours until the bus came through to go to vera so we couldnt talk to anybody so we just went to the park! and sat on a bench and waited! when it was coming close to time to leave we  just sit there for 10 more minites and just before we leave a kid comes up and says ''hola elderes''. in this little town where we thought there was no members comes this guy to talk to us and turns out he is a member that was baptized in another mission he said he wants to serve a mission he would travel to church but he doesnt have the money. so its crazy how things work out in the plan of apppiness! we might not of been there for the guy we traught a lesson to we might have been there to talk to that member! the lord has a  plan and we are all apart of that plan!

herenan and florencia are some people that we have benn teaching this past wee they live in a tarp! and with all the rain we have been getting i hope they are all right! they are just a cute little couple that has had some family problems and has moved out into a tent on the side of the rode!! they are cool and funt to talk to! the bad thing is they want to leave veraand go somewhere else! we dont want them to go because they are awesome!! she has a daughter and is about to have a little son!
 i hope they dont leave!!

well we are teaching these to brothers witha amember and the member told us that they were in jail and jusst got out and wanted to listento us! so we went over there and weve been teaching them for abiout 2 weeks! its hard cause they dont know how to read so we try and use a lot of pictures! but the member invited us to eat with them and so of corse we go free food!! but we get there and one of the brothers is just wasted! but they made us chicken!! so they throw the chicken on the table and start cutting it up  and giving us pieces! it was actually really good chicken!! only the last part wasnt cooked all the way!! haha but then it starts to rain hard so we run into there little one room house and wait for probably 30 mins for the rain to stop but in that time it sarted to  hail so the brother that wasnt drunk runs out and starts picking up pieces of ice!1 i guess its free ice!! haha but after that he came back it in and someone had the good idea to pray so they asked my comp to say the first prayer whitch was a good mormon prayer! the the brother that wastn drunk said a prayer! he started out really good! thanking for things! but then he started yelling ''LEAVE SATEN'' over and over again!! for like 5 mins.!! then the drunk brother got on his knees and said like a 15 min prayer! i didnt know what was being said but i said amen! then i prayed and gave a short little prayer without any yelling!! then we left with the memeber to his house and right when we got to his house the storm really started!! the power went out the thunder was going crazy!! i couldnt hear a thing!1 he wife reminded me of hannah! because she had her big flash light on waiting for the power to come back on! but then it got around time  to be in the pencion so we started running in the rain but after we were soaked we starrted walking!! good thing i guess cause i am out of shape!! but we were like walking in water that was high up on our legs!! it was pretty crazy!!
walking in the rain is like sinning! at first when your all dry you and running trying not to get wet!! but when you already get wet and already have wet feet it make it easier to stemp in that next puddle! but with the atonement savior is wanting for you with a towel ready to dry you opff!!

we are lucky to have such a great older brother!!

thank yopu all! i love you all so much!!

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