Sunday, February 7, 2016

Words from Elder Kyle James in Germany

Liebe Famile,

 Hallo! I love the Mondays after Skype Calls. there is never very much to say! 

 On Monday, we didn't really do much... we got our hair cut, and then went to McDonalds haha. We had a lot of coupons. 

 On Tuesday... our only really free day, we went and met with Lucky and Gloria. Gloria became a new investigator. She is really awesome. She has been prepared for a while. We taught the first lesson. We told her all about the life of Joseph Smith. She asked us why God kills his prophets haha good question! Lucky told her to pray and find out if the church was true. Lucky is already a great member. 

On Wednesday we went to Bruchsal with the other Elders. We met with a guy named Ryan. He was really excited not to be alone through the Holidays, and thanked us that we came. He is from Cameroon. We gave him a big bag of presents. We wrapped a Book of Mormon. haha pretty sneaky! We then tried to meet with 2 members, but they both fell out! Sad!

On Thursday, we had the Weihnachtsandacht. It was very good. The Greiner Family took us home afterwards, where we watched a video about the writer of silent night. It was a great movie. We ate very good lasagna afterwards. I was so full. SO FULL! But it was very good. We then went home and opened all of our presents. I bought Elder Homer A joke book. In German. It is really cool. We all got great gifts. I love the gifts! thank you!

 On Friday, we were busy the whole day. We met with Ryan, and he made us African Soup. Very tasty. then we ran over to the Brauns, Where we ate schnitzel soup and noodles, and then to the Churches where we ate tacos and skyped! And that is where you saw me!
That was a lot of fun by the way. I loved it.

On Saturday, we had a day long appointment with the Küchler family. they were awesome. We got to watch Jurassic World with them. It was in German, and I really liked it. I have to watch it when I get back. We ate all sorts of food and played lots of traditional German games. It was a great day!

Sunday was good. A random family of Africans showed up. We talked with them for a while. They have interest and one of them is a member, who turns out to live right next to Gloria! thats a crazy miracle!  An American family was also there. Just passing through. I translated for him in Priesthood session. 
That night, we met with the Roth Family. Two crazy old people. And I love them to death, and they love me a lot. They are the best! They made us pizza and cheese cake. They are taking me out to eat on my birthday!

For P-day, we wanted to go to the lake, but the busses were dumb, so we looked around for LederHosen. We found some! I hope my picture worked! We told him that we would come back to by them. It will be around 200 dollars. But It will be worth it. Ive always wanted them. Will probably buy them tomorrow night, if we have time. And I think I look great in them:) Plus I am gonna get Sj colors. 

Thats about it!

I love you guys very much! I love this work! I love Lederhosen!

Elder James

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