Sunday, February 7, 2016

Words from Elder Adam Otto in Idaho

Ooohhhdalolly! The days just keep on flying by!! It's at the point where p-days are getting annoying, because you have to take a break from the work. But I guess it's good. It just gets un poco frustrating. Haha! I love my mission :)

Amazing week this week! It snowed a WHOLE bunch, and now it has been raining all day. We were going to go sledding as a zone, but we may change our minds!

Tenlie is super ready for baptism this Saturday! We are so excited and can't wait for her! Her family has been progressing a ton, and it's been amazing helping them.

We had soooo many miracles this week, and we taught the most lessons I have ever taught in this area! So things are going super well. The work is progressing, and people are moving along. My love for these folks increases everyday! 

We've been doing lots of service (snow shoveling and moving people). It's a winter wonderland! We've gotten stuck so many times in the snow, and there have been car wrecks all over the place. It's kinda freaky driving, (my companion refuses to drive). We are having lots of fun though! Many good things going on!

I have learned so much this week. I am really working on consecrating myself and forgetting myself. I want to be FULL of charity, and it's been an amazing process. I am so grateful for the service I am able to do for others for 2 years, and for the rest of my life. The Savior died for all of us, not just ourselves. I am so excited to see the miracles happen :) Our Heavenly Father has a plan for each and every person! I have a firm testimony of that! Loving others as Christ sees them is priceless. It's a simple choice we have to make! It starts in our head, and then our heart follows! If you want to change, tell yourself to! You can do it! :)

Thanks so much for all yall you do! You are wonderful! Have a wonderful week!

Elder Otto

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