Sunday, February 7, 2016

Words from Elder Adam Otto in Idaho

Another year has flown by! Holy moly! Well, I can honestly say: 2015 was the best year of my life! I got to spend a FULL year being a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints, and I wouldn't trade any second of it for anything. The people I have met have changed my life. They have motivated me to become a better person. My relationship with the Savior is the strongest it has ever been, and will continue to grow throughout this next year and the rest of eternity! So much joy can be found when living the gospel. I can't express enough how much I love my mission. It is the best decision I have ever made, and I know of a surety that the Lord Jesus Christ lives, and he Loves us. So much! Never doubt it. 

Miracles are just all over the place, waiting to take place. They come when we are worthy of them, and live our very best to choose the path the Savior has made for us. Yesterday was fast sunday, and so we were able to bear our testimonies. I am so grateful for the growth I have made on my mission. My testimony may not be filled with eloquent or fancy words, but it is from the very pit of my heart. I know that the Savior lives, and I know that this is His church, the only true church upon the face of the earth. His gospel has been restored, and we have a living prophet today, who leads and guides us! I know this because I have read and prayed about the Book of Mormon, and the Spirit has carried the truth of it to my open heart. I plead with you all to find out of it's truth for yourself :)

One of the less-active members' we are working with shared his testimony for the first time in 8 years yesterday. It was so heartfelt and sincere, and I have been able to see his progress through these past 4 months that I have been here. He recently received the Aaronic priesthood, and will receive the Melchizedek priesthood this weekend :) His family is going through tough times right now, but he knows they will be blessed because of his righteousness and his worthiness to hold the priesthood. The spirit has been softening my heart so much lately. As he bore testimony of the love God has for him, I couldn't help but let tears fall from my eyes! I'm getting all fluffy and soft! But tis the best :) because the spirit bears the truth :) and if the truth makes you feel good inside, by all means I'll take it!

On Monday I decided to fast that people's hearts would be softened in our area. That we would be lead to those who are prepared to hear the gospel. On Tuesday we got a call from a family who recently moved into our area, and they have a 10 year old daughter who wants to be baptized this month. We also found a family who has 3 non members who want to take the lessons. Work here has been a bit slow, but I know when we do our very best, the Lord blesses us. I have seen it many times! We are able to find those he has prepared for us. As we pray for these people and choose to love them, we grow closer to our Savior and are happy!

Thank you all so much for all you do. I hope you have a wonderful start to the new year, and make the best of every day!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!!!!! Make everyday, starting today, the best day of your life! :)

Elder Otto 

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