Sunday, February 7, 2016

Words from Elder Levi Crosby in Tennessee

Hey everyone! How has everyone been??:) I'm sure you guys are doing
good like always! I hope your staying warm! Believe it or not we got
snow over here! It was awesome! Our mission president put us on house
arrest because he didn't want us out on the slick streets! Or maybe
because he knew we would go play in the snow... Lol but it was great!
This last week was pretty good. On Wednesday we had a Worldwide
Missionary Broadcast! It was awesome! They haven't had one of those in
a decade! In the trainings they really emphasized how everything we do
and say affects the spirit we carry and it encouraged me to always
strive to be a better person and especially a better missionary. So we
always need to say and do things that bring the Holy Ghost into our
lives. I know when we do that we will grow closer to our savior and
our Heavenly Father. I love and appreciate all of the support y'all
give me! If you ever need anything just let me know:) here is a
picture of my companion and I playing in the snow!

Love, Elder Levi Crosby

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