Sunday, February 7, 2016

Words from Sister Brittany Platt in Colorado

Olo everybody!

So, I'm getting transferred to the Denver North zone, Woodglen South ward. And I get to train a new missionary! I'm so excited to have a baby again, and not as an STL. That was crazy trying to do both. And I'm excited to have that greenie fire for my last transfer! It'll be great. Our transfers are now on Wednesday, so I'm getting transferred tomorrow. And my companion, Sister Dennis, is getting transferred as well. It's been a bit of a shock for us both, to say the least, and we're really bummed we're both leaving. It's okay, though. We'll have some tough times ahead of us this transfer and some miracles as well!

Anyhow, this last week was crazy and wonderful! My companion got sick and hurt her back, so we stayed inside for 3 days. First time that's ever happened on my mission! The first day was pretty nice, relaxing for the first time for a whole day. The second day was okay. The third day I was goin crazy and getting cabin fever so bad! We did go on some mini exchanges, though, so that was nice. I was able to get out and teach some of our investigator's and less-actives so that was good! 

We got to go to the temple with Kirsten to do baptisms for the dead, and to do the baptism for her deceased husband. It was one of the most incredible experiences on my mission! I also took family names and it was a very wonderful experience. As Elder Hollingsworth was baptizing me for my ancestors, he started to cry and said "Can you feel that? One of them, if not all, are here right now." I could definitely feel it. It was amazing and I couldn't help but cry as well. Kirsten did baptisms right after me, and then we both sat in our wet suits and watched Elder Hollingsworth get baptized for Kirsten's husband, Brian. He was definitely there, because the whole room seemed to be filled with joy. We both cried and it was wonderful. Kirsten was just so happy! She's going to go through the temple next February on her wedding anniversary and get sealed to Brian. Sister Dennis and I will both be there and it will be even sweeter. What a wonderful thing this gospel is! It brings so much joy and happiness to so many people! 

Well, I have more to tell you, but alas I am out of time. I love all of you and am so grateful for your love and support! I know my last transfer will be a good one and I'm grateful for the opportunity I've had to serve in this mission. It's changed me for life! God bless you all!

Love, Sister Platt

Pictures: We went to the Butterfly Pavilion with the sisters in this zone, and I held a turantula...last time I'm doin that! When the other sister's held it, it was moving all over their hands. And then when I held it, it just sat there frozen. I thought it was for sure gunna bit me or attack my face or somethin! But, I got a stick for it. Woo hoo! :) And the other picture is of us with Kirsten at the temple.

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