Sunday, February 7, 2016

Words from Elder Chandon Herring in Washington DC

Time sure is flying. Life here is so good! It is sad that when you are
having fun and doing well that time just speeds up. But that is life.
This week really was a super good week. We had a few really good
teaching appointments and did a good job training. We are working on
changing the mission culture and have been doing a training in all of
the zones. We have had a good response as people are now thinking twice
about each decision. They think if it will positivity or negatively
effect the mission culture. This week has been super busy. We have had
a lot of luck and fun in finding and teaching. We have been focusing
on building relationships of trust (BRT) with members. This is best
done at dinner ;) haha. It really has been good. It has been difficult
in the past to get members out on exchanges but lately we have had
many more say yes. We have two maybe three this week! It really makes
a difference in the work when members come. They have a different
impact on the people because they have more experience and seem more
relatable. So if you can't remember the last time you went out with
the Elders/ Sisters. Repent and do so soon! Call them and go out! If
you have not done it for over a month or two. Please repent and go
again :) you have a great impact on investigators and less active

We had a good experience of being led by the spirit this week. We were
out checking on a list of people the ward does not know and as we were
doing so we had a miracle. This is how it went down. We were knocking
and there was no response and we had to get going for a scheduled
event but as we were getting in the car we felt like we needed to
knock on the one house across the street. We did and just like that we
got a new investigator!... For the French missionaries! But still! He
is from Benin and is great. We also just so happen to have a member of
our ward who is from Benin and not only that. He was the first member
of the church from Benin! He will help out in teaching and being a

Anacostia... We had some chances to go back down there this week. The
first one was for exchanges. They were great! We did a lot of them
this week and we have some amazing teachers. We were there and I was
with Elder Tanner and Elder Crandall. We got a new investigator from a
media referral and taught the plan of salvation to their investigator.
He is so prepared! We had a great lesson and he gets it. At the end
the spirit decided we needed to invite him to be baptized. So we
prepped him and were really super bold in telling him this church is
the ONLY true church and he had to come if he wanted to return. Then
invited him and he is set! He is so solid! It was a great lesson. The
second time in Costia was for a baptism on Sunday for Christine
Mewborn who I had taught when I was there. We reactived her daughter
but she did not commit. It was so good to see her finally make the
step. Even in spite of the snow and broken hot water heater :) she was
cold. But so happy!

So those are a few highlights of life here in the greatest mission in
the history of life. It is good and we are killing it! Our mission is
changing for the better and we are seeing the fruits. Love you all and
hope you have a good week!

-Elder Herring

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