Sunday, February 7, 2016

Words from Elder Samuel Isaacson in Argentina

Hola como están ches

this week was good!

well this week we taught our investigator that is progressing alot! we taought him almost every lesson in 2 weeks!! he reads everything we give him like 2 times or more!! he will hopfully be getting baptized in a week or 2!! he came to church yesturday and said he liked it and that he liked the people he met in the church!! its good when people help the missionaries not give some  lame excuse like they normally do!! haha but it was good his name is edwardo!!

our other investigator is named natalia! she is awesome we only got to talk to her once in the pst week because she has been really sad because her husband had to leave for work! he is and andar maria. which is a type of police and he works in buenos aires for 6 months at a time! sounds to me like every wifes dream! six months with a husband and 6 months without a husband!! haha but no she was really sad!! i made her cry cause i asked where he was!! yeah i kicked myself pretty hard for that one!!! but we finally got to talk to her it was good!! she still wants to be baptized!! so thats good!!

well the other family that we are teaching is the guy that love english music!! when he sings he doesnt have an accent!! but he has no idea what he is saying!! but anyway he has been reading and always has questions about the stuff he reads!! so thats good he believes in the BOM but not in jose smith! haha so thats what we are working on!! but he will figure it out one day!! oh yeah and im probably gonna get a metallica shirt from his wife cause she sells clothes!! (really his girlfriend)

okay to the funny story of the week!! 
so there was a big world broadcast to all the missionaries in the world!! so we went to it and after the first speaker the power goes off so we cant watch it! well the power was off until the last speaker so we heard the first and last speakers!! but it was still good! but after the braodcast we wanted some icecream so we went to the store called Grido! they have really good icecream! so we get in there elder hoopes goes and orders first with no problem at all! so its my turn i tell her what size i want. then she asks what flavor i say ´´Blanco alfajor´´ then she asks ´´que´´ i say again ´´Blanco alfajor´´. she looks at my comp and asked what i want. he says ´´Blanco alfajor´´ just the exact same as i said it!! but she understood him!! then some fat lady in line behind me looks at me and tells me (in ENGLISH) ´´your spanish is very bad´´ but i laughed and thought about telling her how bad her english was but i held my tongue!! but when we where walking out she told me angain in english that i need to practice speaking spanish!! again i held my tongue  to what i was thinking!! haha but yeah that was great!!
and almost every member we have talked to tells us we dont speak very well!! so yeah great confedance booster!! ghagha 

this week was great learned alot

thanks for all the letters!!!

i love you all very much!!

Elder SCIsaacson

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