Sunday, February 7, 2016

Words from Sister Hannah Platt in Honduras

My dear friends and family,

Well, where to start?! This week was completely incredible and one of the most amazing and blessed weeks of my mission!! I am back in Comayagua, one of my old areas. I was here about 5 months ago. So i am in my old area, but we opened up a new area. They have 3 companionships here right now as this area is just on fire. I am with an american, Hermana Craner, who is from Utah! :) She is incredible. THis is here last change so i am "Kiling" her (as they say here in the mission). She is such an amazing teacher and speaks spanish like a native. So i am learning soooo much from her. This week was just full of miracles. We arrived on Tuesday, and found a house to live in.. We call it the cave.. as thats pretty much what its like.. Haha. But i love it. Weve made it home :) Then we went right to work. We arrived with NO people to teach.. absolutely nothing.. and without an area book... but the Lord has provided. This week, we saw countless miralces. We found 5 new families to teach, two of which are married (miracle here in Honduras!!) and we found soo many prepared people. The members immedietely started leaving with us and giving us references. And we were both just sooo amazed. The greatest miracle of all happened at church yesterday! I decided not to call anyone to tel lthem i was back because i wanted to suprise them all at church. SO, we got there a little early and waited. Sacrament started and no one that i had taught was there.. I was so sad. As i though that meant they were inactive. Then about ten minutes into the meeting, they started walking in. Every single one of them came. The best part was seeing their faces!!! :) But the greatest miracle of all is that Evelyn and Nelson (the family i was teaching here before) got married and got baptized and were there!!!! As i talked to them afterwards, i was just soo amazed by who they were! They are not the same people that i left 5 months ago. Nelson didn't believe in God and loves the color black. Yesterday, they showed me pictures of their baptism with him in white!! haha :) He was soo different. And it was such a huge miracle for me to see the change that this gospel makes in our lives. It CHANGES people. I KNOW with all my heart that this is the true church. It is the ONLY true church here on this earth. There is a living prophet today who leads and guides us through the revelation that he recieves directly from God. I KNOW that Jesus Christ lives. His teachings, the gospel, change us if we will but live them. I saw that this week! I know that is true. The world is a very scary place. there is lots of evil.. But, we have the gospel! We know the plan that God has made. As long as we are doing the best we can and keeping the commandments, we have no need to fear!! I love you all with my whole heart! I wish i could take more time to tell you every detail, but i have to go. Thanks for all that you do for me! have a wonderful week!!!!
Hermana Platt

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