Sunday, February 7, 2016

Words from Elder Garrett Davis in Thailand

well it was another good week in Lopburi we had the chance to do something we hardly ever do on Preparation Day and that is rest:) haha we had the chance to go to a members house and they fed us mango and sticky rice  it was great as usual one of my favorite thai deserts:) and tuesday we had district meeting and we went by had something i needed to do at the post office and the we met with sister dang before english. She is awesome doing well and is strong and active its been great to meet with her i have had the chacne of teaching her since i got here and its been a great experience! then we taught english class its good they are getting better you can see the ones who come regularly wednesday we had switch offs witht the other elders in my area elder hunt was my companion he just got done being a greene and is doing well picking up the language fast we had some interesting lessons with one of his rcs who has been gone for a while but he cam to church sunday so it was a success! the we finsihed off inviting at the city:) thurday we long planned and taught a couple lessons and then we left to go to Bakret to switch off with the zone leaders friday i had the chance to be companions with my old companion Elder Sayavong he is from loas and so we went and taught some leas that were loas and it was cool experiece because i could understand most of what they are saying:) and we the invited and taught recent converts and then saturday we invited taught more recent converts and met with the bishops and ward mission leader it was going well the vision that we are putting together should help the new eldders coming in a lot:) sunday we ahad church and then we went to an recent converts house sister pimjays who feed us dinner it was great:) this week was good and i am thankful for the letters as well! i love you guys! oh shout out to Tan Man who tore it up at state! hope you guys have a good week and best of luck to the guys going to regions!:) love you guys
Elder Davis:)
Elder Sayavong and a market we invited at:)

On Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 1:17 PM, Stephen Davis <> wrote:
well this past week was had a good time and saw some miracles and were lucky to see the baptism of two people they are Mother and daughter its really sweet to see them baptized together! Monday was fun we went to the zoo and then we played some basketball and one of our members works for a guy from Mesa Arizona but he came over and took us out to eat his name is Brother Sharp not sure about the first name:) but he is a cool guy tuesday we have district meeting and hen had to go get somethings for zone conference and also taught an recent convert sister dang and then english class thats always a good time:) wednedday got started early had to wake up go to bangkok for training and we stayed there all day came back in the evening it was sweet go to see my companion elder Sayavong he is a stud one of my favorite companions! also elder Davenport, thursday we had anohter world wide training which was two hours long but then change to 4 hours long becuase our computer was slow haha friday we meet with investigators and recent convert tlaking about the Book Of Mormon and sautrday we had the cahnce to make somtom and play sports with some members and teach more recent converts sunday we had the chance to meet a qurom of the 70 and have two baptisms:) it was a busy week lots of trainings but i am excited to see how this one goes! thank you for your letter i am responding but a little slow:) i love you guy hope you guys have a great week!
Love your friend 
Elde Davis!
this is sister duan and dan they are awesome and got baptized yesterday:) and this is an recent convert she is awesome and its also 60 degrees outside the thai people are cold:)

On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 1:05 PM, Stephen Davis <> wrote:
welll another week in the books and it started off great and we had pday down in bangkok which was an adventure by its self first time i have been traveling some where and not knowing how to get there i am just glad i can speak some thia:) haha but it was fun went to a market down there and came back upo and then tueday we went and visited and less active at her house and it good to see her she is now coming back solid her name is tip then we had enlgish class later than night it was fun we had about 10 to 15 people there:) the wednesday we invited and went and saw another less active who was doing great but we brought some old members along with us and they knew the less active it was so cool to see them talk and everything i love it they are very humble people and then we had book of mormon class and thurday long plan and went and invited for a while and talked to some recent converts and then friday the same invited and recent converts which was good but in the evening time we went to a market and invited there were tons of people and also some guys selling this huge python i tried to take a picture but i did not succeed saturday we had the chance to call people and play some sports with some recent converts and sunday was great because we had investigator less actives at church but its coming along tryiong to get people to come to church its going great this area is about to get a new church too which is going to be really nice:) we then went and explored the city and invited some more then went home andhad sunday night dinner:) but all is well and the work is going great this was week 9 in lopburi and its been great i love the members here they have been huge examples of charity. I loev you guys i wish you he best and i want to congrats everyone who wrestled at DOC WRIGHT you guys are studs! I love you guys hope all is well!:)
Love Elder Davis!:)
sun set in bangkok and messing around at a pond by the church!

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