Sunday, February 7, 2016

Words from Sister Hannah Platt in Honduras

Dear Friends and Family,
Well we had transfers again!! And my comp went home! it was soo hard to see her go as 4 of my comps went home with her. I am just sooo grateful for these amazing sisters that i had the chance to serve with. I so hope i can give my all just like they did! I will be staying in this area with a new comp! She is from El Salvador and is named Hermana Gertrudis. She such a cute small thing haha. We get along great and i know this will be a great change!
Dominica is doing well! SHe has stopped drinking coffee and continues to amaze me by her faith. Whenever we ask her questions, she always answers witht he most simplest profound answers and they really make me realize how simple the gospel really is and how it is for ALL people!!!
I had such an amzing experience this week. We have been working with a less active named Argentina. She hasnt gone to church in about 25 years. She is married but her husband left her and so she has been living with another man and has been very embarassed by that. She hasn´t gone to church cuz she was afraid of what people would say. But, she went to church Sunday! All by herself! It was such a suprise cuz she kept telling us ´´one day´´. But there we were in a class and she just walked in!! After church, she told us that she felt absolutelty amazing and would never ever miss another sunday! I am soo amazed by her. She has such faith and we are working sooo hard to be able to get her divorced and married. I just love the people here. They are such a faithful people and despite all their challenges, they never give up. I lvoe them.

Well i sure love you all! Always count your many blessings and never forget all that the Lord has done. For He has done much. I am sooooo grateful for this mision. It has changed everything!!! I challenge you all to give and to love this christmas with all that you have!! I sure love you!!
Hermana Platt

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